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We Need To Talk About Asia: Spring/summer 2023 To See A Huge Trend In Travel To The Continent

  • New survey reveals that Asia is set to be 2023’s ‘It’ destination, with nearly 30% of Brits saying they would like to visit this year

  • The solo travel experts at WeRoad have spotted this latest trend and surveyed a community of travel aficionados

  • Indonesia is top of travellers wish list destinations

  • To celebrate the Luna New Year and Asia being back at the top of the most loved destinations, WeRoad will give away thousands of fortune cookies in London

A new survey conducted by WeRoad, the experts in adventure solo travel, has revealed that Asia is ready for its travel comeback for the first time in almost three years.

The poll, which targeted millennial travellers, found that nearly a third (27%) of British travellers have admitted that they would like to travel to an Asian destination this year, with the world’s biggest island country, Indonesia topping the list with 34% of respondents ranking it as their top spot to visit in 2023.

From the world’s largest Buddhist temple to the breathtaking views of Mount Bromo to island hopping and yoga in the rainforest, it’s no surprise that Indonesia is firmly at the top of travellers destination wish lists this year.

Over the last few years, WeRoad has seen a huge rise in travellers visiting Asian destinations and the trend continues to rise. In 2020 17% of the company’s total bookings were made to an Asian destination in comparison to 22% last year in 2022.

Justyna Chlopecka, WeRoad’s UK Marketing Manager, said: “We’re seeing a huge trend in people wanting to get back to travelling to Asian destinations this year. The pandemic and harsh lockdowns across Asia had a big impact on our bookings to the continent. In 2020 17% of all our bookings were to Asian destinations, in comparison to 2% in 2021.

“As restrictions began lifting across Asia we saw these figures dramatically increase, even surpassing pre-pandemic numbers. Last year, 22% of our total bookings globally were to Asian countries and we’re predicting this number to continue rising.”

In short, according to WeRoad, travel to Asia is a trend that will continue to flourish throughout the year ahead.

In celebration of Asia’s resurgence, and the start of the Year of the Rabbit (celebrations began on January 21st and continue until February 5th), WeRoad will be taking to the streets of London in its latest guerrilla marketing campaign to help people kick start their travel dreams and put an all important smile on their faces.

On (add in date when confirmed) the WeRoad team will be able to be found across the Capital handing out 3,000 fortune cookies containing fun and exciting travel fortunes to cheer people up and encourage travellers to discover the world of solo travel with WeRoad. Check out the brands Instagram page for more information.

The campaign will also be launched across key European cities and will see WeRoad hand out over 22,000 fortune cookies in London, Milano, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.


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