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What can an Oscar do for your net worth?

Research from Ezra, the leading provider of digital coaching, has revealed that bagging an Oscar at this weekend’s Academy Awards could boost the winner’s net worth by as much as 310%.

Ezra analysed the net worth of those to have been nominated for the big two of Best Actor and Best Actress at the Oscars since 2015.

Who has won the most?

In terms of the number of Oscars won, it’s bad news for the Brits as they trail behind the Americans.

The Oscar for Best Actor has been won by three different Americans since 2015, and just one British and one Puerto Rican American, making America by far the most successful during this time.

Where Best Actress is concerned, Olivia Coleman is the only British actress to take home the title since 2015, while four different American females have scooped the Oscar during this period

Oscar impact of net worth

But what does an Oscar nominee or win mean when it comes to career earnings? The research by Ezra shows that those to have been nominated for Best Actor since 2015 but failed to win an Oscar throughout their career, are worth an estimated £18.7m each on average.

However, those to have been nominated since 2015 and either won during this time or previously during their career can boast a net worth 97% higher at £37m compared to those to only have received nominations

When it comes to Best Actress an Oscar win can be even more beneficial. Female nominees for the award are worth an average of £11.2m, -40% less than their male nominated counterparts. However, the average net worth of female actresses to have won Best Actress is a huge £46m, 310% higher than those to have been nominated and 20% more than those to have won Best Actor.

In terms of individual net worth, Denzel Washington reigns supreme with an average net worth of £203.8m, closely followed by Leonardo DiCaprio (£189.2m).

Charlize Theron, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence are the female winners with the highest net worth (£116.4m).

Bradley Cooper is the most valuable male actor to have never actually won, with a net worth of £72.8m, while Scarlett Johansson is the female nominee to accumulate the most net wealth without winning Best Actress (£120m)

Founder of Ezra, Nick Goldberg, commented:

“Being at the top of your game takes hard work and dedication and an Oscar nomination is perhaps the biggest recognition of this for those in the film business.

But reaching the top doesn’t signal the end of the road and the very best will use this achievement as a further foundation to push for greatness.

It does, however, increase the earning potential on offer with those to have won worth a considerably higher sum on average compared to those to have only been nominated.”

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