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What Is 'Sacral Chakra'? Brazilian Expert Talks About Sexual Energy

Eduardo Omeltech Reveals An Energetic Study On 'Pleasure'.

Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

Photo by Anastasiia Mukhina on Unsplash

Eduardo Omeltech, Psychotherapist, and specialist in Human behavior, constantly analyzes reality shows and celebrities, and is going viral in major British tabloids, such as The Sun. Always with articles that make people talk, the Brazilian psychotherapist now reveals his energetic study on pleasure.

Sexual energy requires movement. Understanding its function and how to use it for your own pleasure is what Eduardo Omeltech explains. "Pleasure goes beyond involvement. In the sexual matter, in fact, there is a process of conquest and provocation, and this energy found in the process is motivation. This energy makes us seek the ultimate goal: sex", comments the behavior specialist.

The energy, instinct of motivation and purpose are necessary for people to move towards evolution. In terms of energy, Eduardo Omeltech says that the sacral chakra corresponds to people's sexual and vital energy. "Every human being has their instincts, but when there is a certain deregulation, we start not to spend that energy, which can stagnate our mind and body".

According to the Brazilian psychotherapist, when pleasures connect with the mind, the desire for the ultimate goal begins to be put into action. Eduardo Omeltech made a comparison between pleasures when they are connected to the mind, if ON or OFF:

  1. -When pleasure is connected to the mind: There is the power to generate lives, create projects, ventures, power, motivation.

  2. -When pleasure is disconnected from the mind: Material issues, logical problems that require little exploration, fast and shallow, little affection, greed.

"The exchange of sexual energy exists because of permission and vulnerability. This energy only connects with us if we are emanating it, because of our constant motivation to accomplish something", he concludes.

Assess if your energy is deregulated?

  • Lives depending on others and does not listen to their pleasures.

  • Do you feel that your wishes have been neglected since childhood?

  • Can't stand up.

  • Cannot find the strength to change.

  • Have been through abusive situations in the past.

Eduardo Omeltech

Founder of Espaço Holome, born in 1993 in Brazil, São Paulo. Psychoanalyst, Systemic, Businessman and Graduate in Neuroscience and Behavior. Brazilian and currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

A born communicator, since Eduardo was a little boy, have always shown a strong aptitude for human development in its various areas, but always with greater attention to spiritual, mental, and emotional issues, and since nothing is by chance, his life was designed by that.

Today, Eduardo is a psychotherapist and specialist in neuroscience and behavior, where he uses the techniques to deepen, develop and expand the human and sensory faces in favor of freedom from their mental ties, always using and merging the studies carried out in spiritual energetic techniques, neuroscience, and psychoanalysis.