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Whenever, Wherever, What3Words-Ever Your Jubilee Party Needs: SUPPER London Delivers Directly

what3words location technology is integrated with SUPPER London app.

Imagine the scene: the bunting’s out, the Capital’s turned into one giant street party, celebrating H M The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and you’re low on essentials! Fear not, SUPPER London has the world’s ultimate location tool,what3words, integrated into its app. This means wherever your street party is, it will deliver the finest sustenance to the EXACT location it’s needed, so no one misses out on the revelry. Even better, SUPPER London’sRapid Delivery option and its Japanese technology-advancedbikes, allows London’s finest culinary creations – hot or cold – to come to you – in perfect condition. So, say no to dry, curled up sandwiches, soggy crisps and warm wine; it’s time to eat, drink and be merry in glorious style.

A common barrier to seamless deliveries in London is the challenge of communicating the precise delivery location. Street addresses often don’t guide deliveries to the right entrance, and customers spend far too long on the phone to drivers trying to direct them to the right spot. what3words solves this problem by dividing the world into a grid of 3 x 3 metre squares and assigning each square a unique combination of 3 random words – a what3words address. For example, the viewpoint at the top of Hampstead Heath can be found at ///single.glow.most. This means that every entrance, gate, front door, side door and even picnic spot has its own unique address that can be easily shared with friends, family, and delivery drivers alike!

Imagine tucking in to British classics like a perfectly pink Beef Wellington from 45 Jermyn Street; Fish & Chips or succulent Rack of Lamb arriving post-haste from The Connaught kitchens, cooked by acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Maybe a melt-in-the-mouth Ribeye Steak from iconic destination, Harrods, to tickle taste buds? Although, if a culinary trip to Blighty might leave guests cold; celebratory world dishes like Hyderabadi Beef Haleem, inspired by the Royal kitchens of Northern India, from Jamavar; the most delicate 1930s Shanghai inspired Dim Sum from Park Chinois; or Japanese fusion feasts from globally renowned restaurant Nobu, are appealing palate pleasers. If it’s a short event for large numbers, let The Rubens at the Palace Hotel take the strain. Its Royal Afternoon Tea is fit for a Queen and satisfies the most-regal appetites. Whilst at the end of the day, nothing screams ‘perfect party’ like a good pizza. If so, it’s got to be a gourmet, wood-fire oven cooked Jubilee pizza from Homeslice.

Of course, no party is ever complete without liberal bibation! British bubbles like Hambledon Classic Cuvee NV from Hedonism Wines put the fizz into any festival; generous wine flights from Corvain ensure no glass remains empty, whilst small, biodynamic and organic wine producers are championed by Bottles. No bon viveur would quibble with SUPPER London’s drinks menu – it gets any party started.

There’s no forgetting the small touches to elevate any street party from ordinary, to sublime. Union Jack Chocolate & Truffle Collection, from renowned British chocolatier, Rococo, or a box of ‘royal favourites’, Rose & Violet Creams, from Charbonnel et Walker, provide a patriotic touch, whilst a Platinum Anniversary Biscuit Selection or Mug, to be taken home in a Jubilee Tote Bag For Life, from quintessential, upmarket British department store Fortnum & Mason would bring any party proceedings to the perfect close.

It's thanks to the accuracy of the integrated what3words mapping tool that gives SUPPER London its pinpoint delivery accuracy. It means it can precisely deliver whatever is desired, to any location, so even small gatherings on the longest street, or bigger gatherings in public squares, will get their food and drink orders speedily, and with ease.

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