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Why Taipei Fashion Week is one to watch

Building on Taiwan’s growing reputation for innovation in sustainable textiles and tech, Taipei Fashion Week’s CrossLab: Dialogue Between Art and Fashion brought together six Taiwanese fashion brands with six groups of artists for a truly immersive high-tech 5G experience.

Integrating virtual art with traditional physical runway shows, Taipei Fashion Week synchronised a tripartite of physical and digital forces - incorporating a brand-new physical space at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park with the digital venue of Ambi Space One and 5G Connect. The experience purposefully included two venues and two events simultaneously, allowing audiences to enjoy the visceral merger between high-performance tech and physical fashion - transmitting audio and video to each other to “co-act in different places” and conjure a new style of fashion exhibition that combines virtual and physical reality. The show combined the beauty of fashion and art for an immersive illusory shock between the human body and the two spaces: virtual and real with: Fashion from AUSTIN.W with artist BP-Billy Fashion from C JEAN with artist Chen Jinglin and Ma Yu Hsiu Fashion from #DAMUR with abstract painter Wu Tung-Lung Fashion from INF Guo Wei with illustrator Ceng Ding Yuen Fashion from UUIN with mosaic artist Chiang, Kai-Chun Fashion from XX with Taiwan contemporary art master Paul Chiang

The inaugural presentation exemplified multiple guiding themes for this year’s event: Sustainability, Functionality, Diversity, Cross Collaboration, and Humanity. The Ministry of Culture works to make Taipei Fashion Week one of the four major fashion weeks in Asia, synchronising with similar celebrations held in Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai. Taipei Fashion Week representatives said: “Fashion week is an especially exciting time for us, allowing us to express the full range and diversity of Taiwanese artistry and digital design. The cross-domain and cross-venue cooperation creates a completely new way to choreograph a runway experience – promising a show that attendees will find absolutely unforgettable.” Other brands to watch that showed at Taipei Fashion Week include JENN LEE, CHARINYEH, Claudia Wang, Dleet, DOUCHANGLEE, GIOIA PAN, Jamie Wei Huang, Liyu Tsai, Seivson, SILZENCE Men, Storywear, WANGLILING and WEAVISM.

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