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You Dream in Motion from BAFTA nominated Tom Keegan

You Dream In Motion is the new theatre experience from the producers of acclaimed London and Edinburgh Fringe hit 9 Circles and BAFTA nominated director Tom Keegan (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Wolfenstein). Following a successful workshop and private performance at the Park Theatre in London on 19th July with a high-profile cast – which includes actors from the hit film What’s Love Got to do With it and award-winning stage show Legally Blonde The Musical – the company have released details of their new show as they embark on the next phase towards bringing the fully realised production to the stage.

You Dream in Motion blends the vibrancy of summer, the millennial experience, post-pandemic grief, and what it means to feel truly connected in an ever-changing world. Inspired by the works of American playwright Charles Mee, the show weaves together a series of vignettes that highlight the lived experience of the cast – including a Father who lost his child to the pandemic. The stories draw together themes of love and dreams, nature and death, rediscovering human connection and the invaluable lessons from the isolation of the pandemic that should not be forgotten.

Samara Neely-Cohen, whose idea it was to bring the dynamic team together to do the show in London this summer, said, “The show flourished and took momentum with an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience, confirming that there is a genuine appetite for these heartfelt subjects to be aired and explored in depth.”

The new work has been expertly led by Samara Neely-Cohen, Alistair Toovey and Joshua Collins - in development with director Tom Keegan. The cast included, Elizabeth Grullon (Scandal, Grey's Anatomy), Alistair Toovey (Legally Blonde, Rosaline), Joshua Collins (Das Boot, What’s Love Got to do With it), Dr. Peter Straker (Let Right Be Done), Lev Levermore (Berlin Station, Atlanta) Anne Wittman (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Kingsman: The Secret Service), and Samara Neely-Cohen (9 Circles).


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