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Your Furry Friend's Summer Essential

The Kikkerland Kobe Dog Beach Day Kit is the perfect companion for your furry friend on your beach outings. This convenient and practical set includes all the essentials your dog needs to have a fun, safe, and comfortable day at the beach.

The kit comes with a cooling bandana that helps your dog stay cool during hot summer days. The bandana is made of a special fabric that keeps your pet's body temperature down, reducing the risk of overheating. Simply soak it in water, wring it out, and place it on your dog's neck.

The kit also includes a shower bottle cap that fits any standard water bottle. The cap lets you provide your dog with a refreshing drink of water whenever they need it. The design prevents water from spilling, making it easy to give your pet a drink without any mess.

In addition, the Dog Beach Day Kit comes with a floating fish toy that your dog will love to play with in the water. It's made of durable and safe material, so your furry friend can have hours of fun fetching it from the waves.

All of these items come in a compact and convenient tin that makes it easy to transport and store. The tin ensures that all the contents stay safe and dry.

With the Kikkerland Kobe Dog Beach Day Kit, your dog can enjoy a day of fun and sun at the beach while staying cool and hydrated. Get your set today and make your furry friend's beach day experience even better!

The Kikkerland Kobe Dog Beach Day Kit costs £20 from


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