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4 Home Décor Trends For Your New Home

Decorating your new home is an exciting time but with so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Examining recent trends in interior design and home décor is a good place to start and can provide you with the inspiration needed to start creating a home interior you’ll love. Here are four new home décor trends to consider.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are items of furniture that can spark a conversation. Tables are a good example, but armchairs, sideboards and fitted wardrobes are also traditional statement pieces that can take the spotlight in every room they are placed in.

A statement piece doesn’t have to be big and bold. It’s all about selecting pieces that are eye-catching in their own unique way, whether it’s because of their sleek, sculptural design, texture or colour. Statement pieces also don’t need to break the bank. Flea markets, charity shops and antique stores are all great places to pick up noteworthy pieces for a bargain price.

Resist the urge to have more than one or two statement pieces in one space, as they’ll detract attention from one another and dilute the overall effect.


Nature-inspired décor reigns supreme right now as designers, homeowners, and businesses all gravitate towards bringing the outdoors in. To use this design trend in your new home, think of lush greenery, earthy colours and eco-friendly designs and materials.

Leaning into this décor trend will not only help you to create a space that feels calm and inviting but also enable you to prioritise sustainability in your new home, which is more important than ever.

Fabric on Walls

Another home décor trend to incorporate into your new home is fabric walls. Walls that are partially or totally covered with fabric rather than paint or wallpaper, add instant texture and richness to a space. Fabric walls also absorb sound and can make a room feel like a cosy cocoon!

You can create this look in your home with fabric wall hangings, or by draping fabrics from the ceiling to divide spaces, creating interior walls entirely made of fabric. Alternatively, opt for textured fabric wallpaper for a decadent, tactile finish.

Modern Abstract Paintings

Fascinating artwork has long been a home décor staple and a great conversation starter when you have people over. Art is entirely personal and you should choose pieces that you love or find thought-provoking in some way, after all, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at and living with it!

In home interior trends, there’s been a recent shift to modern abstract art. This is likely because it’s considered more neutral than, say, for example, portraits or landscapes with an obvious, fixed subject matter. This also means that modern abstract pieces are more likely to appeal to a broader audience, and can stand the test of time as tastes - or the wider home décor around them - change over the years. Opt for modern abstracts with colours, shapes or ideas that resonate with you and your home.


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