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A New Chapter in Tablescaping: Introducing Duggan Society

Among the ever-shifting trends of design and hospitality, a new brand has emerged, offering a unique and modern approach to the art of hosting. Duggan Society, founded in 2023 by the dynamic cousins Solana Braun Duggan and Catalina Sola Duggan, is poised to make a significant mark in the realm of elegant dining and entertaining. This innovative brand seeks to transform the ordinary act of setting a table into a celebration of beauty and connection.

Duggan Society

The story of Duggan Society is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. At its core lies a profound appreciation for the tradition of gathering around the table—a cherished custom that Solana and Catalina inherited from their grandmother. Growing up, the cousins fondly recall the large, inviting dining table at their grandmother’s home, a space where family bonds were strengthened, and joyous moments were shared. This legacy of togetherness and celebration is the foundation upon which Duggan Society is built.

Solana and Catalina’s vision extends beyond mere table settings; they aim to craft experiences. Their mission is to simplify the process of hosting while infusing each occasion with elegance and fun. By drawing on their rich family heritage, they bring a unique blend of grace and creativity to the world of tablescaping.

Duggan Society’s product range is thoughtfully curated, offering a variety of categories designed to elevate every aspect of dining and entertaining. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes each category special:

Tablescapes - Crafting Beautiful Moments

At the heart of Duggan Society’s offerings are their stunning tablescapes. These curated collections transform ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Each tablescape is designed with a keen eye for detail, blending stylish design elements with practical elegance. Whether you’re hosting a grand celebration or a cosy dinner, Duggan Society’s tablescapes provide the perfect foundation for creating memorable moments.

The tablescapes range from sophisticated and understated to bold and vibrant, catering to a variety of tastes and occasions. Each set includes carefully selected elements such as table runners, centrepieces, and decorative accents, all intended to work harmoniously to set a beautiful scene.

Tableware - Elevating the Dining Experience

Duggan Society’s tableware collection features an exquisite selection of plates, cutlery, and glassware designed to enhance the dining experience. The emphasis here is on quality and aesthetics, ensuring that every meal is not just served but celebrated.

From elegantly crafted dinner plates to delicate wine glasses, each piece in the tableware collection is chosen for its ability to complement the tablescapes and add a touch of sophistication to any meal. The designs reflect a commitment to both beauty and function, making each item a joy to use and display.

Duggan Society

Linens - Adding the Finishing Touch

No tablescape is complete without the perfect linens, and Duggan Society offers a range of options to complete the look. The linens collection includes everything from luxurious tablecloths to chic napkins, each piece designed to coordinate seamlessly with the tablescapes and enhance the overall dining experience.

The choice of fabrics, patterns, and colours reflects a commitment to both elegance and versatility, allowing hosts to find the ideal linens for every occasion.

Home Decor - Creating a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Beyond the table, Duggan Society’s home decor range provides a selection of decorative items that add personality and charm to any space. This collection features everything from stylish vases and candles to unique centrepieces and decorative accents.

Each piece is selected for its ability to complement the tablescapes and tableware while also offering options for personalising your home. The home decor range helps create an inviting atmosphere for guests, making every gathering feel special.

Duggan Society is not merely a brand; it’s an experience. The founders’ passion for tablescaping is evident in every product they offer, reflecting a deep understanding of the joy that comes from hosting and the beauty of shared meals.

By focusing on both the aesthetic and practical aspects of hosting, Duggan Society empowers its customers to enjoy the process of entertaining. The thoughtfully designed products and curated collections make it easy for anyone to create stunning tablescapes and memorable events.

For those who believe that the art of hosting is more than just a chore, Duggan Society offers a breath of fresh air. With a commitment to elegance, creativity, and the joy of togetherness, this brand invites you to explore their collections and discover how they can transform your dining experiences.

Visit Duggan Society to find out more about their beautiful tablescapes, exquisite tableware, elegant linens, and charming home decor. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an intimate dinner, Duggan Society provides the tools and inspiration you need to make every occasion extraordinary.

Join Solana and Catalina on their journey to redefine the art of hosting and discover how Duggan Society can bring a touch of elegance and joy to your table.

To explore Duggan Society’s collections and learn more about their story, visit their official website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates and inspirations.


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