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Amy Winehouse’s library goes under the hammer on Catawiki

Amy Winehouse is known and loved by many for her unique voice and personality, but beyond the singing, Winehouse was also known for being a passionate reader. Now Catawiki, Europe’s leading marketplace for special objects, is proud to auction her beloved collection of 230 books to fans worldwide until Sunday 23rd April.

These books have been carefully selected to maintain the context and integrity of each volume, becoming an essential item for any collector and fan, including books that date back to her high school days, carrying stamps from the schools she attended and personal notes from her teenage years — such as an inscription from Amy’s “first serious boyfriend”, the reported inspiration for her song “Stronger than me”. Our experts estimate this priceless collection at between €80,000 to €90,000.

An intimate insight into the life and career of the 21st century icon, these literary volumes display not only her main source of inspiration, but a latent aspect of her humanity, separated from Amy, the star we all seem to know.

Mark Harrison, book expert at Catawiki says: “We’re thrilled to have the Amy Winehouse library up for auction on Catawiki. This personal library manifests much more than Amy’s treasured love for books and literature, but many fragments of her daily life that not many got to witness. Many of the books exhibit signs of her love, carrying in them coffee and tea stains, lipstick marks, unfinished song letters, doodles and extensive personal notes. Her library reflects the way she was as a person: fierce and passionate.”

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