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In a world full of fast fashion, discovering a brand which offers bold designs, takes time and research. So let us do the work for you, SOOD seeks to connect individuals with their authentic self through the concept of dualism coupled with the contrast of light and dark while redefining everyday basics.

Stylist: Roland Theo Capulong @teeyeaux Photogrpaher: Komal Nadeem Wyne @ wynehouse Make up artist: Lauren @locallauren_mua Model: Christina Tan @christina_jiaqi_tan

SOOD was founded in San Francisco, California by Sana Maqsood, who now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Ethically sourcing materials from India and the United States, SOOD’s products are a testament the brand is planning for the future, today. The brand has earned recognition for its Edge Series in New York and across the pond in London by making its way into Flying Solo (420 W. Broadway, NY) in SoHo, NY and being featured in the November, December, and January ‘22/‘23 issues of British Vogue.

In an over saturated market like the fashion industry, founder Sana Maqsood has developed the brand's identity and reputation by remaining authentic to herself. When speaking to the brand’s products and vision, Maqsood said, 'SOOD’s products redefine modest fashion and push boundaries by utilizing bold silhouettes, eccentric designs, texture, and unique patterns; we pull inspiration from all areas.' She continued with,'SOOD seeks to embody dualism, self- expression, representation, and collaboration to help ignite confidence and re-define everyday wear basics'. Something you can clearly visualize in the products they produce.

Stylist: Roland Theo Capulong @teeyeaux, Photogrpaher: Komal Nadeem Wyne @ wynehouse, Make up artist: Lauren @locallauren_mua, Model: Christina Tan, @christina_jiaqi_tan

After getting to know the brand more and seeing more of their products, you can tell a lot of thought and planning has gone into developing them. Paired with the brand’s determination to keep true to their mission, you will find incredibly stunning pieces throughout their collections.

You can shop the full collection from SOOD over at now and follow them on instagram at


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