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Belvedere Hotel Celebrates 55 Years | The Petite-grand Hotel, Home To The Origins Of Social And Artistic Life In Mykonos

Archival image of Mansion Stoupa in Mykonos, 1980s. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.
Archival image of Mansion Stoupa in Mykonos, 1980s. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.

On the barren island of Mykonos, Greece, a rare, lush garden with abundant greenery and pink shades of bougainvillea embrace an iconic residence with a vibrant history. Formerly known as Mansion Stoupa, the private residence of the Campani family quickly became a symbol of opulence. The story of the Belvedere Hotel Mykonos starts in 1969 when the descendant of the Campani family, Sofia Ioannidis and her husband Ilias started renting the mansion as a summer holiday home to renowned personalities such as Piero Aversa and Thomas Fritsch. The residence became an intimate space for social gatherings of artists and thinkers and gradually evolved into a petite-grand hotel, opening its doors to an international audience to expand on its existing social circle, and nurture its community. A treasured member of The Leading Hotels of the World, Belvedere Hotel is perched atop a scenic hill and offers a seamless blend of seclusion and social vibrancy, preserving the authenticity of its Mykonian roots.

Left. Piero Aversa and Hiram Keller, 1970. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos. Right. Sergio Tamer and Roberto Macdonald at the Belvedere Hotel’s White Parties, August 2001. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.

A prestige hospitality experience with a breathtaking, immersive view of Mykonos' picturesque town Chora and the Aegean Sea, the Belvedere is an oasis of wonders. Its evolution from an eclectic summer house to a petite grand hotel begins with Italo-American painter Piero Aversa. He spent several summers at Mansion Stoupa – now part of the expanded Belvedere Hotel. Mesmerized by its atmosphere, the artist attracted a circle of intellectuals, politicians, royals, and creatives to reunite in a sanctuary for both connection and tranquility, which would later become the ethos of the hotel. Iconic figures including Julie Andrews, Hiram Keller, and Princess Soraya of Iran were regular guests at Aversa’s free-spirited gatherings and indulgent Dionysian dinners. These festivities were revived in the late 1990s, when the Ioannidis family inaugurated the Belvedere White Parties, the first line of events to host eclectic musicians on the island, playing for an esteemed social circle, including Matthew Williamson, Neil Barrett, and Ben de Lisi.

The Ioannidis continue to preserve the residence’s culture of social gatherings by designing spaces to forge new connections. Its main complex features the hotel’s Pool Club, a signature cocktail bar – the Sunken Watermelon Bar, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's first open-air restaurant, Matsuhisa Mykonos, boasting more additions in its proximity, including Hilltop Rooms & Suites and its recently unveiled exclusive pool, The Waterfront Villa & Suites, and Villa Next Door & Suites.

Front View of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos, 2023. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.
Front View of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos, 2023. Courtesy of Belvedere Hotel Mykonos.

Over the last few decades, the family-owned luxury hotel has offered its guest a unique and captivating experience of indulgence and discovery. Collaborating with Arman Naféei, the renowned tastemaker for sound and ambiance, makes the hotel a prime entertainment hub in Mykonos. His music selection for the hotel is inspired by the sounds of Hans Havenaar, once a beloved resident DJ at the hotel, who for two decades, brought a plethora of grooves to the premises of Belvedere, setting a distinct atmosphere on the island. Following the thread of inspiring cultural collaborations, Belvedere’s pool club is charmed with a site-specific mural by the British artist and designer, Luke Edward Hall. Characterized by bold and colorful aesthetics drawing inspiration from classical art and design, Hall’s designs range from playful and whimsical to sophisticated and elegant, infused with his unique personality and love of storytelling. The mural is an homage to the creative ethos of the hotel, bringing a sense of conviviality to emphasizing the pool area as a place of enjoyment and relaxation, where people gather. Complementing this social experience, the Belvedere offers a new wellness philosophy in the Six Sense Spa, a soothing realm of healing and restoration proposing an intuitive blend of science, homegrown natural ingredients, and body awareness.

Merging consciously with the city’s eminent Cycladic landscape and identity, the Belvedere is sanctuary of authenticity. Its design and decor pay homage to the island’s rich heritage, with whitewashed walls, traditional wooden shutters, and locally crafted furnishings creating a serene and genuine ambiance. This dedication to preserving local culture is evident in every aspect of the hotel, from its architectural details to its culinary offerings, providing a wholesome experience that harkens back the elusive Mykonos feeling.

As the Belvedere Hotel celebrates its 55th anniversary, it continues to uphold its legacy as the origin of Mykonos’ social and artistic life, while preserving the island’s local culture and lifestyle.