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Best upgrades for increased efficiency in the home

Many of us are focusing on how to be more energy efficient right now. While a lot of change needs to happen on a societal level, there are ways for us to make a difference on an individual basis. One of these is by looking at how to make our homes energy efficient.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the upgrades to consider for your home.

Why is energy efficiency important?

Energy efficiency is important for several reasons. The main one is climate change. We’re seeing the planet getting warmer and this is the driving factor behind many energy and environmentally focused initiatives.

Governments across the world are spearheading these initiatives with goal in place to reach carbon net zero by 2050. In recent years there’s been the announcement in the UK of the ban on petrol and diesel motors from 2030 – although there’s talk of that being pushed back to 2035 – and the introduction of electric vehicle incentives to encourage motorists to think green when on the road.

As well as looking at how we drive, reducing energy consumption at home can also lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. This is especially useful in this fight against climate change, as every bit of energy saved contributes to controlling carbon emissions.

Another reason to focus on energy use at home is it directly impacts your monthly bills. A home with low energy efficiency can be a financial drain. This is because it more energy is needed to heat, cool, and power it.

In addition, if your home is energy efficient, it’s more likely to be attractive to prospective buyers. Efficient homes offer lower operating costs.

Investing in smart, energy efficient upgrades can make your home more attractive, potentially boosting its market value – something that’s important right now in the current market.

Smart heating

Older heating systems tend to be less efficient, consuming more energy to reach and maintain the right temperature.

Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. These devices connect to your boiler via the existing wired connection, and it also links to the Wi-Fi. Using an app, you can programme the heating remotely, ensuring that your home is operating at the right temperature. You can control when the heating kicks in an decide when it’s the right moment to heat your home – through an app on your smartphone or tablet.


If you’re focusing on heating your home, you’ll need fully functioning radiators. Any problems or inefficiencies with your radiators will cause a wasted energy. Take a look at the current setup. It may be time to upgrade to efficient alternatives.

There are plenty of energy saving products on the market and this is the perfect time to tap into new trends. So, if, for instance, you’ve always wanted vertical radiators, now is the perfect opportunity to modernise your home heating while investing in efficient designs.

Renewable energy sources

Consider integrating renewable energy sources into your home. Solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal systems can generate clean energy, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. You can even sell excess energy generated back to the grid, offering potential financial benefits for you.


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