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Finding a jewellery brand that you love that doesn't cost over the odds its harder than it sounds. Well, it used to be. BISOULOVERLY is the jewellery brand out of Canada thats looking to cover the worlds market in quality, stylish and affordable jewellery and we sat down with the brand to learn more.

Bree, for the readers out there that may have not yet come across your brand, could you tell us more about who BISOULOVELY is?

BISOULOVELY is a jewelry and fashion brand inspired by all things magical!

What made you want to launch a jewellery brand?

It was actually kind of accidental! I just started making jewelry for myself and shared some of it online. Turns out a lot of people wanted to buy my work and it grew from there.

When you decided to launch your brand, what was your starting point?

My starting point was just me working after my full-time job out of my studio apartment in Montreal. I'm really grateful to have scaled the brand to the point where I can hire help.

Let's turn our focus to the designs of your pieces. What are your processes? Do you find they change from piece to piece?

My design process usually starts with a sketch. Then, what's more unique to my process, is that I model everything in the same software I used to develop video games from my previous career. I developed all the textures and shaders I use in my renders myself! Sometimes I'll tease the design by posting the realistic render online to gauge interest in the piece so we know how many to produce.

How did you start your first ever collection? What inspirations did you have?

My first ever collection was inspired by class magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. I wanted to put a more grown up and elegant spin to these aesthetics to appeal to grown up fans of them like me.

What's been some of the biggest stumbling blocks you've hit along the way since launching BISOULOVELY?

COVID-19 has caused us headache after headache. Starting a business is already difficult, but starting a business during a global pandemic is like doing it on hardmode. From shipping delays, forced closures, and employee health scares, we've been tested time and time again.

The market you have entered is huge, globally. In BISOULOVELY eyes, where does it fit into the market?

I think we definitely fit into the demi-fine alternative jewelry market.

Where do you envision taking BISOULOVELY?

I envision creating more than just a jewelry brand - I'd love to expand further into more accessories, lingerie, and clothing. We've tested the waters in these areas already and they have been a huge success.

Can you tell us more about any upcoming collections?

We have an upcoming occult collection that I'm really excited for! The collection was extremely fun to design and calls back to another nostalgic love of mine.

What advice would you give to someone who's thinking about starting a jewelry business / fashion business?

My best advice would be to seek inspiration outside of your craft. My collections are all love letters to things that interest me - astrology, anime, space, nature, architecture and more. It helps me push for designs that are a lot more outside the box than your average diamond solitaire.

How would you sum up BISOULOVELY is just 3 words?

Magical, sparkly, whimsical!

Bree, Thank you for your time.

Thank you so much for yours as well!

You can shop the full collection from BISOULOVELY over at

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