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Buxton Drives The UK To Close The Plastic Recycling Loop At The London Marathon

As many as 700,000 used water bottles to be recycled and turned back into new bottles.

Running in circles isn’t always a bad thing. The London Marathon is set to take place on October 2nd and to help promote circularity of plastic bottles, official water sponsors BUXTON® will be placing recycling bins at the start and end of the race. This is in addition to their drop zones placed along the course, aimed at encouraging runners to rise-up and recycle their water bottles.

BUXTON® is the largest British mineral water brand to have all of its bottles made from other bottles (excluding the caps and labels) and the bins will help to keep circularity in motion by stopping up to 700,000 bottles from ending up in landfill and turning bottles back into new bottles.

An important step in closing the loop on plastic packaging is collecting used, empty bottles back for recycling. Which is why BUXTON is partnering with BIFFA to help the event recycle up to 700,000 empty water bottles. What’s more, those who help recycle, could land themselves a coveted spot in the 2023 event.

To prove that it pays to recycle, each bin will have a QR code that runners can scan for a chance to win a highly coveted space in the 2023 London Marathon – the only thing they’ll be running out of, is time to train for next year’s event!

The Runners Recycling Run-Down:

1. Stay hydrated on race day with a bottle of BUXTON® Natural Mineral water.

2. Run, drink, drain and drop at one of dedicated BUXTON® Drop Zones along the course or place in a BUXTON® recycling bin.

3. Scan the BUXTON® QR code on the bins for your chance to win a place in the 2023 London Marathon.

4. Volunteers will work to collect any bottles that didn’t make it into the bins.

5. BUXTON® is working with Cawleys and BIFFA, where bottles are sent to be transformed into new bottles – closing the recycling loop.

Supporting from afar?

If you can’t make it to the Marathon, you can still look to turn empty bottles into a Marathon ticket for next year. From the day of the Marathon until October 9th, head to All you need to do is:

  1. Hydrate and follow the link above where you can enter your details on BUXTON®’s website.

  2. Recycle a BUXTON® bottle and take a picture.

  3. Submit your entry.

BUXTON® is present at all London Marathon Events, including:

· Vitality Mile and 10k

· Standard Chartered Great City Race

· The Big Half

· London Marathon

Grant McKenzie, Managing Director of Nestlé Waters UK, said: “Our partnership with the London Marathon continues to be an exciting collaboration for BUXTON’s future as a circular brand. As the biggest UK water brand to be made entirely from other bottles, we believe that collection is one of the greatest things we can do to keep plastics in a circular loop and reduce the need for new plastics. The London Marathon is a monumental occasion and it’s a fantastic opportunity to help runners hydrate with BUXTON, while closing the recycling loop and turning water bottles back into new bottles.”

This initiative at the 2022 London Marathon is part of BUXTON®’s mission, being dedicated guardians, driving the circular economy for plastics in the UK.


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