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by Sara Christie

A brand that was built over decades without anyone really knowing about it is the best way I could describe by Sara Christie. Filled with history and passion the brands namesake officially launched her brand in 2020 during lockdown but when you get to know the brand much better you can see the influence and the foundations were being laid decades before.

Described by Sara herself, her relationship with fashion was a 'love affair' with classic styles and fashion as a whole. Graduating from Nottingham Trent University the founder has always seeked meaning when it comes to designing. During her final collection at university she focused her designs around the wind-rush era, picking up some key staples including; the sense of pride & the self importance to be true to yourself. Something which showcases the depth to Sara's love and passion for designing.

Being someone who has always kept up to date to the latest trends and styles Sara kept in pursuit of working within the fashion industry first taking a role as a pattern cutter and very swift moving on to becoming a designer at a large clothing company where she gained so much experience, 19 years before she would go on to launching her own brand.

Over the next 19 years working in the fashion industry took Sara all over the world form India where she had to set up a design studio + showroom telling us this is where she, 'saw first hand the processes of design and manufacturing'. Continuing with, 'I also gained an all-important understanding of the other side of fashion that we don’t normally see for ourselves, that is the time and the care that goes into sampling, sourcing, and meeting the buyer’s expectations'. Truly valuable experience she would later be able to revisit for her own brand. Learning essential values of kindness, partnership, and friendship in business. Process, time, and cost during her time here Sara says, 'without these values business has no joy or purpose at all'.

After her time in India Sara spent a lot of time in the western world visiting some of fashions biggest cities including; L.A. ,New York, Paris & Milan. Spending time at trade shows and self confessing living the 'First-Class' lifestyle but ensuring she was staying grounded and building up her knowledge as much as she could.

In 2017 with all of this knowledge Sara said she decided, 'to leave the high street' going on to, 'set up seven design & consultancy. Offering a bespoke package that included Trend, Design, sampling, and manufacturing. This saw me be involved in every stage of the process, which in turn created the time and space for me to think of my designing my own collection of handbags and accessories.' just 3 years before the world was introduced to her very own brand.

We've got to 2020 and the year by Sara Christie was founded. Speaking about how she started the brand Sara told us, 'Sourcing a perfect statement chain that was the right price, without sacrificing on quality, was proving difficult and unsuccessful. So I made a decision to create my own', going on to say, 'Selecting the right chain design, size, weight, and finish was exciting. And I did it. I made my first chunky necklace and matching bracelet. It was beautiful. I LOVED It. I had created the perfect statement piece I had been looking for'. It was just the start the designer was looking for and she hasn't looked back since with this first piece selling out quickly leading her to being required to make more - which subsequently sold out too! It was this success that lead Sara to launch her own range of bags which have continued the trend of being popular with family, friends and her wide customer base.

Believing 'less is more' Sara's collection of luxury leather, made to order handbags and statement-making jewellery is a clear response and reflection of this. Her collection of accessories are versatile whilst bold, elegant, and functional, timeless pieces. Whilst ensuring her bags are designed with style and function providing you with the perfect go everywhere, anytime. Sara say's her bags are, 'Designed to have and to hold for many, many years'.

by Sara Christie isnt just a brand with truly stunning pieces of jewellery & bags but one with a truly stunning and connecting story where you will find female empowerment and sustainability right at its' core. You can shop the full collection from by Sara Christie over at


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