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Celebrate World Gin Day with Paul Feig's Artingstall's Gin

Hollywood Film Director’s Paul Feig, Artingstall’s Gin

After spending years searching for the perfect gin for his beloved martini, Hollywood Film Director Paul Feig (who is best known as the director of blockbuster hits such as Spy, Last Christmas and the Oscar-nominated Bridesmaids) developed Artingstall’s Gin, a blend of eleven botanicals, distilled in a traditional copper pot for a clean, creating a crisp and versatile spirit fit for any Father and for any starring role behind a bar. Artingstall’s signature blend of eleven botanicals includes tart elderberries, spicy coriander seeds harvested from the cilantro plant, the Eastern influence of cardamom and a blend of citrus peels.

RRP: £41.44

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Paul Feig’s Cocktail Time!

The Ultimate Guide for Summer cocktail parties

Famously known for his blockbuster hits such as Bridesmaids, Spy, and Ghostbusters Paul has created a beautifully designed cocktail and lifestyle guide for all gin lovers - Cocktail Time! Filled with hilarious life stories, Paul has made an art and a science out of creating these elegant and festive environments, and it’s all detailed in Cocktail Time! A recipe highlight includes Paul’s famous Gin Martini “THE KING OF COCKTAILS” with 3 ½ ounces of gin, a touch of vermouth and a large twist of lemon it’s sure to tickle the tastebuds.

How to make the drinks, how to throw the parties, what music to play, what glassware you need and more, along with 125 cocktail recipes, what better way to celebrate and raise a toast this World Gin Day!

RRP: £17.00

Purchase HERE

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