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Cut the price of airport parking fees with secure peer-to-peer spaces

With the requirement for Day 2 PCR tests being dropped from February 11th, holiday bookings for the Half-Term break have surged. With millions of families escaping for a week of winter sun and Alpine skiing, Stashbee – the UK’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for self-storage, garages and parking - has provided their comprehensive guide for best and cheapest parking to Britain's regional airports.

Heathrow Airport Heathrow is one of the busiest and most well known international airports in the UK and judging by its ridiculous amount of foot traffic, you’d never believe that there are five other airports in the London area! Winging it and parking at this airport will set you back £73.90 for every full day you spend there, from your first 24 hours onwards.

Parking near Heathrow

We probably don’t even have to convince you that a Stashbee space could save you a lot of money here. Three of the closest parts of London to Heathrow where you could explore listings are:

Parking in these areas is as low as £5.40per day, which will mean that you might even be able to get away with a private taxi and still pay less than you would have if you chose to park at Heathrow.

Parking near Heathrow Terminal 5

You know an airport is well known when even its individual terminals each have a reputation of their own. Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is world renowned for being the largest free-standing structure in the whole UK. If you’re departing from this terminal, try a parking space in these areas for a good deal:

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick is located to the south of Central London and is known for being a travel hub, so there are a lot of parking bays at the airport. But that’s not to say that they come cheap. A premium short stay in the North Terminal, for example, will set you back a whopping £166.00 for a week.

Cheap parking near Gatwick

Your best alternative when it comes to finding cheap parking near Gatwick is a Stashbee parking space rental in Horley or, if you don’t mind going a little further out, you could try Crawley too. Parking in both areas can cost as little as £5.40 per day.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

John Lennon Airport is located in the heart of Liverpool. Parking in its long stay parking area will set you back £95 for seven days, which is definitely more affordable than at other airports, but can still add up over longer trips.

Cheap parking near Liverpool Airport

John Lennon famously said that life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. We digress, but you really should make other plans for cheap parking near his namesake airport.

For a cheaper option, try Hale first, with the lowest prices clocking in at £5.40 per day. Huyton is not too far if you’re happy to park and ride, which you might well be knowing that parking there starts as low as £3.60 per day. Victoria Park is a little while out and a bit more expensive (lowest prices are £9.60 per day), but gives you a more scenic view of the city.

Manchester Airport

Manchester airport may have looked like a haunted mansion during the first COVID lockdown, but it's back to its usual busy self now. Turning up and parking here will cost you around £55 for 24 hours in their multi-storey car park, but be warned - hefty penalties apply for parking in the wrong area.

Private parking near Manchester Airport

You can avoid parking penalties altogether when you book a private parking space near the airport with Stashbee instead. We offer options in:

How Does Stashbee Work? Stashbee is the UK’s leading online marketplace for storage and parking. With thousands of unused garages, parking spaces and other empty spaces listed by ‘Hosts’, Stashbee makes it easy to find and book storage and nearby. After finding the storage facilities local to your postcode, Stashbee allows customers to filter searches by selecting features you want the space to have, by size, or by price. Choose when you’d like to start your booking and that’s exactly when your rolling monthly booking will start.


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