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Dola - Fine Jewellery for Queens.

A new fine jewellery brand has landed in London, it’s called DOLA. It’s planning to surprise and exceed any luxurious expectations you may have. DOLA’s fine jewellery collections speaks a language of personal luxury, and it creates a medium of powerful expression through it’s character jewellery. Personalization and heritage are everything to DOLA. In addition to it’s collection the brand also offers the possibility to create bespoke pieces for those who have a more specific style or desire in mind.

It’s history is the heart of the brand’s artistic soul. Founded in 2018, Dola was born in Nigeria and defines Nigerian fashion. ‘DOLA’ comes from a Yoruba name which, when translated to English, means ‘turned to wealth’ and this is something that reflects the brand as a whole. DOLA firmly believes that luxury fashion revolves around the entire experience of choosing, buying and owning a special jewellery piece that will last a lifetime. Each piece ought to communicate your personality, creativity and style.

DOLA’s aim is to tell a story of personal connection through it’s jewellery. The brand fully achieves its objective with the release of its first fine jewellery collection.

The Ayaba Collection - The Queen Collection

DOLA’s latest fine jewellery collection is a clear statement of the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics. Translated in English ‘The Ayaba Collection’ reads ‘The Queen Collection’; and the message it wants to convey is that for DOLA every woman is a queen. This exclusive collection showcases earrings that are imbued with wealth, good fortune and dignity.

To wear Ayaba is to feel empowered; to adorn yourself with all beautiful things. Featuring diamonds, topazes, rubies and precious metals, this is DOLA’s most noble collection. Each piece has a Nigerian name that when translated further enhances the meaning and story behind each jewellery piece.

Wear DOLA and ethnic, elegant & mysterious aurea will surround you.

Jewellery for queens.

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