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Dr. Will’s Launches Independent Action Group Of Like-mined Health-conscious Brands

...To Reduce Sugar Intake In Children.

  • 83% of parents admit they have no idea how much sugar their children need

  • Dr. Will’s partners with major food brands to educate parents on today’s sugar crisis and launch an independent action group

  • 1,000 limited edition Look, Stop, Swap boxes available now, with all profits going to World Central Kitchen who are providing meals and crisis support for those who need it in Ukraine, with all donations being matched by Matchup

LEADING all-natural condiment company, Dr. Will’s, has surveyed British parents and found shocking results around the understanding of sugar consumption in their children’s diets.

Researchers polled 1,000 British parents to discover how well they understood sugar content in food products and the subsequent impact on their children’s health with 83.7% of parents admitting they have no idea how much sugar their children need for a healthy diet.

Parents also do not think the big brands are doing enough to reduce sugar in their products, with 93% of those polled saying brands do not make it simple enough for them to understand the sugar content in the products they are buying. It’s no wonder that one in five children in the UK are clinically obese by the time they start school.

On the flip side, under a third (27.2%) of parents surveyed said they are aware of how much sugar is in their children’s food.

Following the national survey, Dr. Will’s has partnered with some of the UK’s most innovative and exciting brands to launch a limited-edition box of treats and goodies, perfect to keep sugar at bay in your children’s diets.

Dr Will Breakey, Co-Founder, Dr. Will’s, said: “Launching our Look, Stop, Swap campaign is a monumental milestone for our business. Our long-term aim is to create more than just a product that helps reduce sugar intake, we want to leave a legacy that ensures parents are making the right dietary decisions for their kids.

“Our whole team is unbelievably proud of the Look, Stop, Swap boxes that we have created and the partners that we have engaged to be a part of them. The reaction from everyone we have been speaking to has been incredible so far.”

“Parents are not intentionally making bad choices for their kids when it comes to food. You’re bombarded with clever marketing, confusing labels and persuasive advertising every single day. When 60% of parents say they understand the nutritional label on foods but less than one in five looks at it on every product, we know that sugar is sneaking into our children’s diets.”

The exclusive boxes are limited to 1,000 units and feature products from our friends The Curators, ManiLife, Nix & Kix, Spoon Cereals, Well & Truly and Tweek Sweets with ALL profits being donated to World Central Kitchen - who are providing meals to those in need in Ukraine. Donations will also be matched by Matchup.

Dr. Will’s is committed to changing perceptions and the way brands represent themselves to the consumer. They have already made sure that the reduced sugar content in their products is front and centre, with packaging showing their products contain less sugar:

  • Tomato Ketchup containing 30% less sugar

  • Sriracha Hot Sauce 30% less sugar

  • BBQ Sauce 50% less sugar

For more information on look, Stop, Swap, please visit: