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Du-var: Britains’ Biggest Hotel Brand, Premier Inn, Introduces Tech-duvet To Red-card Cover Hoggers

The UK’s biggest hotel chain, Premier Inn, is introducing DU-VAR technology, the first duvet capable of detecting and stopping duvet-hogging, ensuring everyone can rest easy

  • On average UK adults argue with their partner about hogging the duvet twice a week, with 29% confessing to resting easier when they’re not sharing a bed

  • 29% of people in a relationship said their partners annoying sleeping habits is most likely to keep them up at night

Premier Inn

Today, new research from the UK’s biggest hotel chain, Premier Inn, reveals nearly a third (29%) of Brits have an easier time getting sleep when not sharing the bed with their partner, citing duvet-hogging 12%, snoring 48% and breaking wind 16% among some of the worst bedtime habits.


However, duvet hogging is officially over as Premier Inn announces it is trialling brand new technology, inspired by the nations most loved football tech (ahem) VAR, that alerts people when they hog by taking more than their fair share, leaving their bed fellow cold and uncomfortable. DU-VAR uses state-of-the-art sensor technology that captures the movement of the duvet in real-time and alerts the culprit when the duvet is taken over the half-way line, giving them the opportunity to get back on-side!


The innovative tech lands just in time for an exciting summer packed full of events and big sporting moments. DU-VAR is being trialled in the UK as research shows 10% of Brits are kept awake at night ahead of their team playing an important game, tossing, turning and hogging ahead of the big matches. And with over 800 hotels in both the UK and in Germany, the brand is expecting to welcome a bumper number of anxious and sleep deprived fans, ahead of the summer of football.


Premier Inn is also giving people a chance to get their hands on limited edition printed duvet covers which clearly mark the halfway line, and put those arguments to rest.


With a partner’s annoying sleeping habits more likely to keep Brits up at night than a special occasion (17%), or a stressful day at work (27%), it’s clear that Brits need a solution – especially as 56% said annoying sleeping habits are a relationship dealbreaker.


A fifth of Brits (21%) confessed to being guilty of duvet-hogging and on average UK adults said they argue with their partner about who gets more of the duvet twice a week, with 21% of those asked being kept awake on a regular basis – equating to millions of hours sleep lost annually across the UK!


Tamara Strauss, Customer Director for Premier Inn said: “Millions of hours of sleep are lost to duvet-hogging each year, with 12% of Brits kept awake by the habit every single week, so we knew it was time to step in and help the nation rest easy with DU-VAR, which helps identify which partner is most guilty of this sleep-stealing habit!”


She added: “Whilst DU-VAR is a fun trial inspired by the summer of sport, with over 800 hotels in locations across the UK and Germany, you can rest assured there’s always a Premier Inn nearby where you know exactly what you’re going to get.

“And when the hotel’s sorted, you can just enjoy doing your thing, no matter what that might be from football matches to family occasions. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going – do your thing, we’ll sort the rest.”


Why not enter our competition to win one of our limited edition DU-VAR printed duvets, tell us in the subject line which football team you support and let us know how you’ve tackled duvet-hogging – send your answer to to be in with a chance to win.


This summer, Premier Inn will be welcoming football fans travelling to Germany where it has over 50 hotels and those enjoying events across the UK in one of its 800+ hotels. Book your stay now at:  


To find out more about Premier Inn’s DU-VAR, visit:


Premier Inn research revealed the top 10 worst bedtime habits in the UK are:

  1. Snoring (48%)

  2. Eating in bed (23%)

  3. Waking up in the middle of the night (17%)

  4. Scrolling on apps in bed with the sound on (16%)

  5. Breaking wind while asleep (16%)

  6. Partner reading with the lights on in bed when you’re trying to sleep (15%)

  7. Hogging the duvet (12%)

  8. Drooling (12%)

  9. Rolling into your partner’s side of the bed (9%)

  10. Star fishing (8%)