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Elevate your festivities with Gymkhana Fine Foods: A Michelin-Starred culinary experience at home

Gymkhana Fine Foods, born out of the renowned Michelin-starred kitchen of Gymkhana in London, is adding a touch of Indian to impress to the holiday season, with a range of exclusive Christmas gift sets as well as sauce, marinade and chutney bundles. Meticulously crafted with all natural ingredients, the range is made for sharing and promises to bring the taste of the iconic restaurant into homes this Christmas, without a highly sought-after reservation.

Customers can choose from a selection of signature sauces celebrating India's culinary heritage or enjoy artisan marinades and chutneys to elevate their home-cooked dishes. This Christmas, customers can experience the richness and authenticity of Gymkhana's culinary expertise, conveniently from the comfort of their own homes.

Gymkhana Fine Food’s gifting offering includes:

  • Full Feast Bundle (£49.00): Gymkhana's full Feast Bundle offers a gastronomic journey with exquisite sauces, marinades, and chutneys. Ideal for creating a memorable Christmas feast or as a gift for those who appreciate fine culinary experiences. Full Feast Bundle

  • All Star Sauce Bundle (£32.00): Elevate your festive cooking with Gymkhana's All Star Sauce Bundle, featuring a selection of sauces that capture the essence of Michelin-starred excellence. All Star Sauce Bundle

  • Marinades & Chutneys Bundle (£28.00): Infuse your festive meals with rich flavours using Gymkhana's Marinades & Chutneys Bundle, crafted to perfection for a heightened holiday dining experience. Marinades & Chutneys Bundle

What’s more, Gymkhana Fine Foods has simplified the art of thoughtful gifting with digital gift cards, an ideal choice for both meticulous planners and last-minute shoppers. Customers can explore Gymkhana's collection at their own pace, ensuring a festive season filled with culinary delights.

Available for purchase starting from £50.00 HERE.

This holiday season, Gymkhana Fine Foods invites you to share exceptional flavour with your loved ones and discover the pleasure of giving the taste of Michlin Star cuisine. Whether looking to cook for a family occasion over the Christmas period or searching for a gift to inspire a loved one with new flavours to cook at home in the new year, Gymkhana Fine Foods has a collection of simple recipes to follow and transform the Indian dining experience at home.


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