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Enjoy Easter Ease Over Brunch At Aster

Sit back, enjoy impeccable service, mouthwatering modern-French dishes, refreshing cocktails and cool music over EASTER BRUNCH at Aster. Nestled within the humming heart of Victoria’s Nova development, Aster is a breath of fresh air for those seeking time out from a busy schedule over the holiday period. Sink into its plush, leather booth seats and relish the inviting BRUNCH MENU whilst listening to DJs performing toe-tapping sets (Friday and Saturday, 1pm – 4pm) and indulging in unlimited bubbles or mimosas, that elevate the experience exponentially. Guests will leave feeling replete, relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything!

Accompanying the great music and cocktails is a range of seasonal, Gallic classics to savour:

For those who love to share, the Charcuterie board (£20.50) is a carnivore’s dream, showcasing the finest French Jesus salami, saucisson sec, Bayonne ham and duck rillettes, with a tart celeriac rémoulade and red grapes, for added touches of acidity and sweetness.

Mouth-watering Hors D’Oeuvres include a combination of perfectly poached eggs, on light-as-air English muffins, with a choice of fresh, wilted spinach (Florentine), tender ham (Benedict) or succulent smoked salmon (Arlington), topped with an unctuous, yet sharp Hollandaise. There’s also a flavour-packed French Onion Soup, with crunchy croutons and melting, tangy gruyere cheese, and a creamy Burrata, given added zing by warm Provencal vegetables and piquant sundried tomato dressing.

In addition to Steak Frites and Moules Frites, the Aster breakfast with its timeless combination of eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, mushroom and grilled tomatoes – cooked with French flair - may be just the thing to tempt a late riser out of bed; whilst the moreish Toulouse Sausage, in rich red wine jus and accompanied by ‘Aligot’ (cheesy mash potatoes) and al dente carrots, is a decadent delight.

Brunch is brought to a satisfying close by a choice of farmhouse cheeses and delightful desserts, including Crème Caramel and oozing Chocolate Fondant.

The Aster EASTER Brunch experience is available: Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Monday, between 11am – 4pm. In addition, DJs will perform in-house sets on Good Friday and Saturday.

Please find the full BRUNCH menu here.

Prices: 2/3 courses for £30/£35 and unlimited bubbles or mimosas £19


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