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Finally, Virtual Try-Ons Come Real

Texel presents a disrupting digital fitting room solution. It allows to build precise customers’ 3D models in the comfort of their homes via a simple web-widget. It works with only one front-facing photo of a customer. The integration to the eshop interface takes several days. Also, the solution provides a number of additional options and opportunities.

How it works?

The core of the solution is supreme AI technology based on the largest 3D body datasets. Together they allow predicting highly accurate body data without any manual measurements. You need just to answer 4 easy questions and your avatar is ready.

Further on, customers may visualize new looks by uploading a single photo of themselves. The solution is paired with accurate size recommendations to provide more personal shopping experience. They may try different outfits and even combine them with their own wardrobe.

Thus, the online shopping experience becomes more game-like and even more engaging than the offline experience. Previously, it would take hours to combine a look, now it takes less than a minute. And you have no need to leave your couch. Try it now.

Texel among world’s top start-ups helping retailers rebuild from Covid

The second annual Discovery report, published today by RWRC, celebrates 40 global start-ups powering retail innovation at a time when it is needed most, including cutting-edge solutions being used by Tesco, Nespresso,, M&S and more

Most retailers know they need to work with tech start-ups to give them a competitive edge - it is understanding which firms are going to truly add value that is the challenge.

“Previously we’ve seen quite a few virtual try-ons solutions but none of them became popular. One of the main reasons is a significant integration cost and effort for a retailer – says Texel’s co-founder Sergey Klimentyev. – So we’ve decided to offer an alternative approach which uses the data the brand already has on the website – one front-facing photo of an item on a model. Standard integration of our widget could be done without any distractions for the brand employees and within days.”

Under the given unpredictable circumstances and regarding the crisis of the brick-and-mortar shopping industry, digital shopping experience gives new sources of creativity for design and style exploration. It is even becoming a topic for social exchange. Texel believes that only brands and retailers able to offer better customer experience will surge in these challenging times.


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