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Get Your Plant On: 50% Off All Vegan And Veggie Kebabs As Kebhouze Celebrates Partnership With Planted

Veggies and vegans rejoice in planted heaven 

  • Customers can save 50% off all vegan and veggie dishes to celebrate Planted partnership

  • One of the Capital’s only kebab houses serving vegan alternatives

  • Vegans and explorative meat eaters can save up to £8 on a meal from 20th-26th May

Tired of terrible veggie options? Look no further than the UK’s largest kebab shop, Kebhouze, which is making an offer veggies and vegans alike can’t refuse.

To celebrate its partnership with Planted, Kebhouze is offering 50% off its Planted Kebab Wraps and Planted Kebab Burgers, meaning you can save up to £8 on a meal.  The offer is open to all, and also aims to encourage meat eaters to get in on the action too and try something new, all whilst making irresistible savings. 

With over 1.1 million Brits adopting a vegan diet in the last year, there's no reason for plant-powered pals to miss out on those lunchtime snacks or late-night treats they so often crave. 

There are few things worse than heading to a kebab house, only to find the only option for your vegan mate is day-old falafel! Planted is the new standard for plant-based meat alternatives, made with pea protein and without E numbers, artificial flavours or colours. 

Treat yourself to a Vegan Planted Kebab meal, complete with Planted’s pea-protein kebab alternative, tomato, onion, black olives and vegan mayo, for just £7.99 (usually £15.99) or go large for just £8.75 (usually £17.49).

Or why not treat yourself to one of Kebhouze's other delicious plant-based options at a fraction of the cost:

  • The Planted Burger (£7.49 for a medium meal, usually £14.99) - All of the 100% Planted kebab goodness stacked in a bun with tomato, onion, lettuce, vegan mayo and sriracha for a spicy kick

  • The Vegetarian Planted Kebab (£7.99 for a medium meal, usually £15.99) - A 100% vegetable Planted kebab with lettuce, caramelised onions, spicy kebab sauce and sun-dried tomatoes for a Mediterranean-inspired take on the classic

The unbeatable 50% off deal allows plant-based fans to explore Kebhouze's meat-free offerings like the Vegetarian Planted Kebab and Vegan Planted Kebab at an exceptional value for one week only.

This limited-time promotion runs from 20th May through 26th May on Planted Kebab Wraps and Planted Kebab Burgers when ordering in-store at Kebhouze’s flagship Oxford St store.