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Holidays to these popular destinations up as much as 91% due to Covid testing requirements

Research by hotel booking platform, Hoo, has found that a trip away this summer could cost you as much as 91% more as a result of Covid protocols.

We’re all keen to get away for some summer sun, but the ongoing threat of the pandemic means that doing so will require some additional consideration, and budget, depending on where we choose to go.

The biggest consideration and cost incurred is for those contemplating a trip to a ‘red list’ destination as British and Irish nationals are required to spend 10 days in a Government-approved hotel at a cost of £1,750 per person upon their return.

But what about non-red listed holiday destinations?

The current requirement to travel differs from one destination to the next so researching these requirements before you travel is strongly advised. Hoo looked at five popular holiday destinations and how much Covid protocols will drive up the cost of your holiday should you choose to travel.

France - 91% increase

Those heading off to France are due to see the biggest increase in the cost of their holiday. Hoo’s research shows that on average, a week-long holiday to Paris will cost £460 per person. However, travellers are required to take a test before departure at a cost of £120, a second test on arrival at a cost of £50 and a third test to return home costing £60.

A further two tests are then required for all travellers two and eight days after returning to the UK at a cost of £190. A total cost of £420, almost as much as the holiday itself, increasing the cost of the trip by 91%.

Greece - 68% increase

The same additional cost is incurred for those travelling to Greece, with the only difference being the test on arrival in Greece is free. However, that’s still an additional £370 per person, increasing the cost of a seven-night stay in a popular destination like Crete (£542) by 68%.

Italy - 63% increase

Travelling to Italy requires the same testing regime as both Greece and France. However, the test before departure comes at a lower cost of £60, with the test on arrival also free of charge. The total cost of £310 still means the average cost of a holiday to Rome (£495) will cost you 63% more.

Spain - 54%

No test is required upon arrival in Spain or Spanish territories, but like France and Greece, the cost of a test before travelling sits at £120. This means that the total cost of travelling will set you back £370 more, increasing the cost of a week-long holiday to a popular destination like Tenerife from £681 per person, to £1,051 - a 54% jump.

USA - 36% increase

Heading to America is one of the more expensive options for a summer getaway and while no test is required on arrival, one is needed in order to travel at a cost of £60 with a second in order to return home costing £71. With the average trip to Orlando costing £891 per person, this additional £322 to cover testing requirements means a trip to Disney World will be 36% more expensive this summer.

Hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented:

“A trip abroad can require a fair bit of planning in normal circumstances but with the current additional hurdle of Covid testing requirements to overcome, it’s likely to be that bit trickier this year.

Do your research to ensure you know exactly what is required as well as the additional cost to be incurred. It can soon rack up when viewed alongside the necessary expense of hotels and flights.

The good news is that you should be able to find a value deal on the cost of hotels, in particular, as they look to entice holidaymakers into booking a stay. The more you can save on the initial cost of your holiday, the more you have in your pocket to cover the cost of Covid testing, so it’s well worth digging around for the very best rates on the market.”


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