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How HAVAH Has Changed Dance Fashion

When you think of fashion, it's not every day you think of active wear. Style tends to invoke feelings of innovation and high class that don't usually translate to being active or comfortable.

We often associate active wear with being comfortable, and our appearance takes a back seat to the functionality. This goes for all sorts of activities, including dancing. HAVAH, a company dedicated to fashionable and practical dancewear, is looking to fix that. The idea is to make a line of activewear that can function both as attire for dance and everyday life. Using 4-way stretch fabrics helps make sure that moving is comfortable and easy, all while never tearing. HAVAH is designed for the modern dancer who goes from the dance studio to her everyday life without having to change outfits.

Dance champions from multiple genres have already flocked to HAVAH seeking their comfortable and stylish fare. Some of the HAVAH ambassadors include Latin Dance Champions and European Salsa Champions. In addition to functionality, HAVAH also prides itself on making activewear that is part of the sustainable movement. Not only are these pieces well suited for movement, but they're built to last a long time. HAVAH offers a lifetime product warranty, which ensures products are returned to them so they can be recycled. Every HAVAH product is handmade, which allows the brand to avoid overproduction and textile waste.

With all these options, the future of dance fashion seems to have a bright future with HAVAH.

HAVAH is available at You can follow their Instagram at @havahtrends.


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