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Iconic Michelin Star Indian restaurant, Gymkhana launches a new collection

...of premium Indian pantry staples.

Gymkhana Fine Foods Transforms Indian Cooking at Home

Gymkhana Fine Foods officially launches today, starting with a range of restaurant quality cooking sauces, marinades and chutneys. Since Gymkhana first entered the London dining scene ten years ago, it has transformed the way we view Indian dining and introduced the nation to premium Indian dining. It is with the same ambition that Gymkhana Fine Foods aims to take Indian cooking at home to new heights with a range of products that deliver premium quality and flavour whilst remaining effortless for diners.

Indian cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in the UK and is second to Italian when it comes to cooking at-home. Further globally, it is one of the fastest-growing categories worth over $5B across the UK and the US. JKS Restaurants, the group behind Gymkhana have always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovative dining experiences and shaping food trends across the capital and now they are turning their hand to at-home pantry staples. Partnering with former Mars Director, Gulrez Arora, Gymkhana Fine Foods to bring that same finesse, quality, and experience to your kitchen at home.

Available to pre-order online this week, the range has been developed over months to ensure Michelin star precision, with thoughtfully sourced ingredients from India and the UK that offers consumers the exact same flavours as in Gymkhana. Expect the same rich depth of flavour and taste as the restaurant, allowing shoppers to spend more time at the table and less in the kitchen. Whether a family get-together, garden BBQ, a quick convenient meal or a fancy dinner party - Gymkhana has done the hard work for you.

The new range of Indian pantry staples will be created in small batches, using all natural ingredients, with no artificial colours or added preservatives. The initial range includes eight products, featuring four sauces, two marinades and two chutneys. All will allow consumers to recreate Gymkhana’s legendary dishes at home in a few simple steps without compromising on flavour.

Cooking Sauces:

  • Butter Masala

  • Goan Curry

  • Rogan Josh

  • Vindaloo


  • Classic Tandoori

  • Roasted Garlic & Chilli


  • Peanut & Sesame

  • Tandoori Onion

Karam Sethi, Co-Founder of JKS restaurants said, The creation of Gymkhana Fine Foods has been driven by the same ambitions we had when pushing the boundaries when opening Gymkhana ten years ago. We want to offer an elevated Indian dining experience that represents the true flavours of India for consumers at home. We believe this range will lead the way in defining a new category of premium at-home products.”

[For Trade outreach] Gulrez Arora, CEO & Co-Founder said,”Having spent the last decade working with and building consumer brands, I am beyond excited to partner with JKS restaurants. Globally consumers are seeking more ethnic flavours that are true to their origins and made with high-quality ingredients. Our hope with Gymkhana Fine Foods is to create the ultimate premium 'make-away' experience that delivers the taste and quality of Gymkhana’s restaurant standards and the convenience of takeaway."

The range will be available to purchase at a price range between £6-£8 via Gymkhana Fine Foods retail platform, before hitting retail stores later in 2023. Pre-orders will be taken from Monday 24th April with the first shipments of deliveries being received the first week of May.


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