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imageHOLDERS launches hygienic gesture controlled touchless kiosk

imageHOLDERS, the leading company in self-service kiosk B2B IOT innovations,

has today unveiled its first gesture controlled touchless kiosk in response to the global pandemic.

Touchless self-service solutions avoid hand to kiosk contact and eliminate any

hygiene concerns. With many companies now turning to no-touch tech and contactless devices, imageHOLDERS is on a mission to be at the forefront of self-service kiosk technology, innovating digital kiosks based on what’s most important for customers and end users.

80% of consumer (according to an UltraLeap survey) think public touchscreens

are unhygienic and so this imageHOLDERS innovation is crucial in restoring public confidence as we learn to live with Covid-19.

The touchless self-service kiosk is powered by a hand tracking camera. Users

can type, select, scroll and navigate a kiosk display using mid-air gestures

and without having to touch the screen.

This non-touch approach reduces the risk of spreading germs and bacteria build up at a self-service kiosk, something customers and end users have becomeincreasingly aware of since the outbreak of Covid-19.

imageHOLDERS’ gesture control technology uses an optical hand tracking module that captures the movement of hands and fingers so they can interact naturally with the on-screen content.

The controller is capable of tracking hands within a 3D interactive zone that extends up to 60cm or more. The software can discern 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, and track them even when they are obscured by other parts of the hands.

The imageHOLDERS touchless kiosk is both intuitive and easy to use for businesses. A selection of optional devices can be added, including printers, scanners, and payment devices – to ensure each kiosk is tailored to individual business needs.

imageHOLDERS can tailor each kiosk dependent on the industry and the team of B2B IOT experts particularly recommend the following applications:

Public kiosks – A completely frictionless interactive kiosk solution is ideal for busy public spaces to avoid the spread of viruses or build-up of bacteria on screens

Entertainment complexes – The solution offers futuristic gesture control and can be used as entertainment itself, in arcades, cinema lobbies or theme parks. It is also ideal for booking or printing cinema tickets, or other leisure activities such as bowling.

Healthcare - In healthcare environments it is imperative to reduce the spread of germs. A touchless kiosk solution is the perfect visitor management and access device.

Office and workplaces - Large offices and workplaces often have high footfall. Efficient and safe access control and visitor management are essential. A touchless solution protects and reassures employees. Touchless kiosks can also be used for hygienic booking of meeting rooms or engaging presentations.

Education - The futuristic interaction is hugely engaging for students in an education environment. Hands-on learning becomes both hygienic and memorable. Touchless kiosks can also be used for booking equipment, wayfinding on campus, booking rooms and library book rentals

CEO Adrian Thompson had this to say, “We are extremely proud with our latest

innovation. Our mission for this touchless kiosk was to instil confidence in the general publication and in turn galvanise multiple industries to be able to get back to full strength in a post-Covid world.

imageHOLDERS interactive kiosk solutions are both intuitive and easy to use. Plus, our digital kiosks are tailorable to every business for each required user journey.

Developing this touchless technology was a gratifying challenge and I am very excited to see how it helps people navigate their busy lives in real world applications”.

imageHOLDERS was founded in 2003 to support companies with design integration and product development of digital technologies - at the time this was primarily kiosks, plasma screens and digital print. In 2021, imageHOLDERS won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. When consumer tablets hit the market in 2012 it was then clear the market had matured and the team reimplemented the original business plan with focus on self and assisted B2B tablet-based solutions that add productivity to business. Over the past seven years, imageHOLDERS has evolved a modular system spanning from phone enclosures to 70-inch touch screens kiosk and digital signage hardware. The team tailor each order to the customers exact requirements ensuring that they

get a fit for purpose solution that adds value to their business.

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