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Introducing CAROUSE, The Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brand Sip the Night Away, and Remember the Day!

Introducing CAROUSE - a pioneering non-alcoholic spirit set to revolutionise the non-alcoholic industry. Founded by innovative wellness entrepreneur Steph Elswood, CAROUSE is more than just a drink. It’s not only delicious but also a vibrant health-conscious choice for the sober-curious and beyond. Thanks to innovative nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients, CAROUSE’s groundbreaking and unique spirit blends - UPLIFT and DRIFT - offer satisfying indulgence, benefitting both mind and body, with no morning-after regrets.

Expertly crafted, gluten-free, vegan, with no artificial colours or sweeteners, CAROUSE spirits offer an alcohol-free alternative focusing on enhancing mood and cognitive function. Even better, unlike other non-alcoholic spirits they can be enjoyed straight over ice, or with a simple mixer such as soda or lemonade:

UPLIFT is a zesty mix of zingy citrus fruits and warming ginger, with a subtle kick of peppercorn and chilli. Laced with invigorating guarana, maca and ginkgo biloba, UPLIFT was crafted as the spirit to get the party started!

DRIFT, offers an escape to serenity. Its delightful blend of fresh summer fruits, mixed berries, cooling cucumber, and hints of aromatic basil, is enhanced with extracts of echinacea and ashwagandha, to promote relaxation. This is the tipple for mellow, chilled-out evenings. 

The team at CAROUSE has created a collection of cocktail recipes to enjoy for any occasion here. From fruity Bramble Margaritas to brunch-inspired Bloody Marys, there’s a CAROUSE cocktail for everyone. 

Unforgettable By Design

“Our ethos is simple,” explains Steph, “Drink to Remember!” She continues, “It’s not about replacing alcohol with a like-for-like substitute. We wanted to design a delicious drink, with an entirely new adult flavour profile; one that put taste and premium ingredients first.  It’s about enhancing the drinking experience and allowing CAROUSE drinkers to enjoy every moment, and most importantly, remember them!  CAROUSE was born from a desire to blend a love for socialising, paired with a commitment to health, into a drink that lets you have it all - the fun, the flavour, and the memories.  With CAROUSE, we're not just raising a glass; we're raising the bar for what non-alcoholic drinks can be.”

CAROUSE is ideal for any occasion, from a quiet evening at home to a lively social gathering. It invites celebration without compromise, offering a sophisticated, health-conscious alternative that doesn't skimp on taste or enjoyment.  Embrace the CAROUSE way of life and step into a world where every sip is a step towards a more memorable, mindful celebration.


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