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Introducing Mondaine’s Classic Collection With Vegan Grape Leather Straps

Premium, Swiss, carbon neutral watch brand, MONDAINE, is delighted to introduce their most recent sustainable innovation; the iconic Classic Collection, now with brand-new vegan grape leather straps. Made with high-quality composite grape material, MONDAINE has created a range of upcycled watches without an increase in price, which still retain the classically stylish look of the original MONDAINE timepieces first created in 1986.

Collaborating with Italian manufacturer VEGEA™, MONDAINE’s new vegan grape leather straps are expertly crafted to ensure they possess the high-quality look and feel of MONDAINE’s original leather straps. This is achieved through an innovative upcycling process by utilizing the organic waste of wine production, such as the stems, seeds, and skins of the grapes, to make grape leather. The result is a particularly soft, comfortable to wear and 100% vegan watch strap, which beautifully complements the best-selling MONDAINE Classic Collection timepieces.

MONDAINE’s vegan grape leather timepieces are available in a variety of case sizes, in brushed or polished stainless steel, and in either brown or black vegan grape leather, featuring the striking red lining MONDAINE has become known for. Each timepiece also retains the iconic MONDAINE red crown, red seconds hand, and white dial.

Available now at,,, and, £189-£209.


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