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Introducing STRYKKTM NOT VANILLA V*DKA; the very first of its kind

The distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand for the new generation of partygoers continues to lead from the front as it introduces the very first non-alcoholic Vanilla Vodka alternative.

Distilled and bottled in the UK, STRYKKTM is a London based non-alcoholic spirits brand featuring an impressive range of the highest quality alternative alcohol options. This August, STRYKKTM are excited to announce the latest addition to their roster; a pioneering vanilla flavoured NOT V*DKA, infused with

Madagascan vanilla beans. Being the first of its kind to hit the UK market, the highly anticipated new flavour is the perfect component needed to STRYKKTM the UKs #1 cocktail – a Passionfruit Martini.

The carefully crafted STRYKKTM distillation process is 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavouring. As with all other STRYKKTM spirits, NOT VANILLA V*DKA is both vegan and gluten free, and remains one of the healthiest non-alcoholic alternatives currently available on the market.

STRYKKTM was the first non-alcoholic brand to replicate the flavour and attitude of the mainstream spirits, and is now once again leading from the front by introducing a non-alcoholic vanilla vodka alternative. Whether you opt for a simple serve with cola, or an Espresso or Passionfruit Martini, the new TRYKKTM NOT VANILLA V*DKA offers an authentic drinking experience – offering all the spirit and none of the alcohol.

CEO and Founder Alex Carlton explains “By launching STRYKKTM NOT VANILLA V*DKA we are giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy the UK's number one selling cocktail the Passionfruit Martini without the alcohol. Annually 40 million Passionfruit Martinis are consumed up and down the county, imagine all the pregnant woman, non drinkers, those looking to live a healthier life, or those looking for balance are now able to indulge in their favourite cocktail, alcohol free, lower in calories and lower in sugar. There has never been a

more exciting time and such choice for those looking to moderate their booze in take. This is just the beginning....”

Available from August on from £18.


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