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We're all looking for the perfect products to use on our skin. Some have 4 or 5 different products some just use plain water. One thing thats for certain you should make sure of is that the products you are using are natural. You should keep chemicals away from your skin especially your face, natural is always best and a brand that would agree with me on this is skincare brand Lebarde.

The Lebarde beauty brand was founded in 2019 by Georgian entrepreneur Maia Gigiberia. Founder Maia is from west of Georgia, Colchis. Lebarde is the name of the abundant resort in the west of Georgia and the name represents the wild Nature of Alp mountains. Growing up in a family of pharmacists, from her childhood Maia was curious about having a healthy lifestyle.

Maia says the idea of creating the Lebarde beauty brand came to her when she found a solution to her own skin problem. Something many independant skincare and beauty brands find is the case. She had very similar story to most when it comes to needing to take action herself, Maia had sensitive skin and could not use facial products containing synthetics or artificial chemicals. She had tried natural and organic skincare products, but she found that even these did not help. After some time Maia was offered expensive dermatological procedures, which she turned down.

Maia is quiet open in saying that here inspiration cam from an ancestor, MEDEA , the daughter of king Colchis, who invented the first natural cosmetics and medicines in 12th century BC. The name of medicine is obviously related to Medea. Maia spent a lot of time doing botanical and cosmetological research, this saw her study the flora and the life of bees. This is where she came up with a truly effective skincare cream.

Maia told us that she enjoyed investigating, exploring, and creating her product. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to turn her hobby into a business and represent the Beauty Heritage of ancient Georgia, Colchis. This is a big step many people dont take which keeps their hobby just a hobbie and nothing more but Maia took the chance she took the risk and one that certainly paid off.

By using only natural, clean and healthy ingredients, Maia was able to solve her own skin problem. She now wants to help other solve theres too. From a unique combination of honeybee products and endemic plants she created a formula suitable for all skin types. “Lebarde products make you feel closer to nature. The products improve not only your physical appearance, but your mood and bring positive energy and emotion.”

You can shop the full range of skincare products from Lebarde skincare over at their online shop


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