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Merch Up With NASA

Bring your space-travel dreams to life with these unique, officially licensed NASA gifts and gadgets. The unparalleled giftable gadgets, that not only celebrate NASA’s rich heritage but also honour their drive into the future in space exploration.

The NASA Telescope £31.99 from IWoot Explore celestial objects near and far with this officially licensed powerful NASA astronomical telescope. View stars, planets, brighter nebulae, and galaxies from your window or venture away from light pollution to view fainter, deep sky objects. Includes finder scope, variable height tripod (68cm-118cm), and two eyepieces for magnification between 50x and 100x.

The NASA Backpack £12.99 from IWOOT. Finally, luggage that's out of this world! Featuring stylish gold zip detail and an easily accessible front pocket with nostalgic NASA branding, this backpack is sure to be the coolest in the galaxy. Includes internal compartments for storage.

The Orb 1000 Piece NASA Jigsaw £15.99 from SpaceStore Choose 1 of 3 cosmic NASA jigsaw puzzles of the beautiful galactic space as seen through a Hubble Space Telescope. The colours to choose from are yellow, blue and pink. Each jigsaw puzzle is a unique design that is sure to relax your mind as you put it together piece by piece. If you love the finished piece so much, you could frame it and hang it on a wall at home. Or, break apart the pieces to enjoy another round of celestial jigsaw fun all over again. Great for people who are starry-eyed about space and enjoy mindfulness activities.

The NASA Interactive Robot Astronaut £19.99 from IWOOT. Responds to voice and touch. Talk to the cute astronaut and listen as it records and repeats your messages. Moves forward, backward, left, and right. Great fun for the whole family.

The NASA Projector £14.99 from Firebox. Bring the vast wonders of the cosmos into your bedroom with the new NASA Projector. This powerful little orb lights up your living space by beaming breath-taking NASA imagery onto your walls and ceiling. The makers have gone deep into the archives to bring you an absolute feast of classic space travel photography - including distant planets, space crafts during take-off, floating astronauts, and more!


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