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Michelin-trained chef and nutritionist duo join forces to create bespoke meal boxes delivered todo

delivered to doorsteps nationwide.

Love Yourself daily freshly-prepared meals make healthy living delicious and hassle-free.

Introducing Love Yourself: a premium healthy meal delivery service that combines well-rounded nutrition and diverse flavours, to make eating healthier and delicious food as easy and convenient as possible.

Offering a series of bespoke meal plans co-created by ex-Michelin Star restaurant chef Michal Snela and a qualified nutritionist team, Love Yourself meals are delivered direct to doorsteps nationwide in 95% compostable packaging.

With 13 ever-changing, calorie-controlled meal plans available at a range of price points (dependant on frequency and calorie requirements), there is truly something to suit the needs of everyone. Whether you fancy Low Carb, Keto, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Performance, Gluten-Free, Halal, Dairy Free or ‘Veto’ (Vegetarian Keto), Love Yourself have you covered with its expertly-crafted and freshly-prepared meal plans. A fully vegan plan is also on the horizon, its launch scheduled for later this month.

The kitchen is headed up by Chef Michal Snela who trained under Marcus Wareing, and has worked in some of the country’s most celebrated Michelin Star kitchens, including The Artichoke. So whilst nutrition is foremost, flavour is never compromised, and each dish showcases only the freshest, seasonal and most flavourful ingredients.

Science-backed nutrition is at the heart of every meal plan, which are developed in consultation with Love Yourself’s Head Nutritionist Benedetta Andreotti. Throughout the plans you will find slow-release carbs which keep blood sugar levels table between meals and ensure you feel more satiated; wholegrains which provide a slower, more sustained source of energy that keeps your blood sugar stable; and non-processed, ethically-sourced meats.

In order to support your health even further, the plans can be enjoyed alongside the MyFitness app which keeps track of your nutritional and calorie goals. For a maximally tailored approach, Love Yourself offers the option of free 1:1 nutritionist consultation, in which the in-house nutritionist team will provide nutritional advice best tailored to your individual needs.

Love Yourself has firmly positioned itself in the UK’s quality meal delivery space, firmly guided by its ethos that a healthy lifestyle is the key to living a long, happy life.