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Nojo’s Great Taste Vegan Sauces Launch In Co-op Stores

NOJO’s GREAT TASTE award-winning, vegan and B-Corp Certified sauces launch today in Co-op the 11th October.

Fresh off winning the Small Business 100 Award and collaborating with the celebrated plant-based restaurant Holy Carrot, NOJO are launching their Tahini, Teriyaki and Sesame sauces across 114 Co-op stores. Launching in Co-op is the natural next step so that NOJO can continue to bring socially conscious and sustainable products to the mass market. Shoppers will be able to transform their everyday meal into something truly special with NOJO; available to pick up in their weekly supermarket shop.

Made in the UK and free from every conceivable ‘nasty’, NOJO’s, lip-smacking sauces are NEVER free from taste. Using only the freshest, most natural ingredients, each carefully created, plant-based, vibrant NOJO bottle of bliss, puts pep onto the plate; delicious into every dish.

Try Teriyaki, (Tamari Soy Sauce, Water, Demerara Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Togarashi Spice Mix) and take any noodle dish from terrible to terrific. NOJO’s luxurious, traditional Japanese Togarashi adds an exciting and fiery hit to this sweet, pungent sauce which is already the Number 1 Amazon Choice product and the highest rated sauce on Ocado where 93% of people would recommend NOJO to a friend.

Alternatively, Sesame (Rapeseed Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Maple Syrup, Toasted Sesame Oil, Ginger, Garlic) and Tahini Noodle (Cotswold Rapeseed Oil, Tahini, Water, Lemon Juice, Tamari Soy, Maple Syrup) add a nutty, creaminess to any recipe – whether raising the humble spud to a moreish mouthful or taking a sandwich filling from dull to delectable.

There’s no rule book dictating how to use them – all that’s needed is a little creativity, a touch of inventiveness, and a pinch of experimentation to turn every meal from bland to brilliant. Perfect for adding more plant based goodness into everyone's diet, try throwing a few vegetables in a pan or in an oven tray with any of NOJO’s sauces and see the magic happen! And, with winter almost here - the season of warm soups and stews - these are a timely, effortless addition for every cook’s store cupboard. There is a sauce for every occasion and every dish (not just plant based!) – just pour, drizzle, drip or dip.

NOJO is all about sustainability, and as a B-Corp Certified company, it meets the very highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Its bottles are recyclable, including the lids and labels, and the ingredients are free from: GMO, refined sugar, additives, artificial flavours and gluten. With a range of tasting packs and biodegradable sample pods – you can sample before committing fully and stay conscious of food waste.

Simona Deifta, NOJO’s founder commented “I’m delighted to see Co-op supporting so many independent brands. To see nojō products hitting the shelves at Co-op means making plant based eating easier for everyone, and at a more affordable price. We are happy to make this possible whilst staying true to our sustainability principles.”

NOJO has done the seemingly impossible – created astonishingly tasty, plant based-only sauces, using the finest, freshest ingredients in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Try one of their sauces from Co-op today!


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