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One Healthy Planet With Leakproof

Recognised for their outstanding collection of reusable, refillable drinking receptacles ION8 aim to dissolve the use of single use bottles and paper cups for more eco-friendly alternatives. 

The Cafestor is a stainless steel 100% leak proof flask  travel provides vacuum insulation for a variety of hot drinks on those cold, frosty mornings. The two stage OneTouch release mechanism is designed purely for hot drinks to safely relieve pressure before opening to provide a vented, smooth liquid flow for safe, direct, effortless hydration.

With an increase in popularity for premium coffee blends and the accessibility to the most superior home coffee makers, it’s never been easier to make the most expectational tasting coffees and teas in the comfort of your own home. But if you’ve got a long commute into the office ahead of you keeping those drinks piping hot is a serious challenge which why we are all guilty of spending a small fortune on takeaway coffees. However this is no longer the case because thanks to the use of vacuum insulation your drinks can stay much hotter for longer than a paper cup with the Cafestor. 

For the ultimate multitasker, you no longer have to precariously balance a paper coffee cup on your way to work, as the Cafestor flips open with one finger, and can be just as easily locked closed, keeping the chance of any spillages at bay. These insulated travel mugs are light, compact, and fit most cup holders. Made from food safe, Pro grade stainless steel, the Flavour Shield helps lock in those original flavours and freshness. Highly odour resistant, corrosion free, BPA Free and easy to clean (hand wash only). The Cafestor is available in a selection of colors and finishes; Red, Pink, Gold or Black.

The ION8 Cafestor Leakproof Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, (360ml) - £19.99, (480ml) - £21.99 from Leakproof.

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