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Oppo Brothers Charlie & Harry give away £1,000 to make others feel good on Blue Monday

With their amazing tasting ice cream, Oppo founders Charlie & Harry want to make us all feel good. And there's not a single day in the calendar year where people need it more than Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year.

So to beat the January blues, Oppo are giving away a HUGE box of scrumptious ice cream as well as £1,000 to one lucky winner, to help them be good to themselves or others. There are also 100s of ice cream vouchers up for grabs to share some feel good flavour this year. Kindness and community have never been more important, and this could make a big difference to someone’s 2023…

To be in with the chance to win, tell Charlie & Harry how you would use £1,000 to do good for yourself, family, friends or community. It could be for a local project, a charity or to reward someone you love and make them feel extra special. Or you could use it to start a school breakfast club, build a nature garden, or plant trees. After the closing date on 23rd Jan, Charlie & Harry along with the Oppo team will decide on one lucky winner based on their entry.

To get your chance to win £1,000, tell Oppo how you’d use it to do good via the link below from 16th until 23rd January.


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