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Perfect life syndrome

Perfect life syndrome | Facebook picturing the perfect life.

Facebook lies. Facebook is picturing the perfect life. Makes you feel unworthy not good enough, perhaps feeling you’ve ventured down the wrong path?

It’s a cause most people’s anxiety.

Makes many feel lost, confused, and mostly uncomfortable.

Where does this leave us?

You know. It’s true, people will want to come off Facebook me included. But do we really? Or is this a cry for help, perhaps for a little attention. (circumstances depending) Now re-read that.

Yes, re-read that.

Sounds harsh but let’s be open and honest its often true. True words hurt but they often speak truth.

The thing is, Facebook is a thing, and until we learn to accept it for what it is. You’re never going to be happy with it or with other people around you. This includes loved ones, family members, your friends and work colleagues. Why? Quite simply because Facebook has become such a platform that is basically becoming a necessary, part of our daily lives whether we choose to accept it or not it’s happened, it’s not only how we only communicate but we receive news, offers, shopping and so much more.

Facebook has become a place of picturing the perfect life, when we all know deep down that it is not.

No one has a perfect life, in fact many are going through some of the most epic shit that you know nothing about. Comparing yourself to others will NOT bring you happiness.

75% of adults lie on Facebook about their life.

42.65% Attention-seeking statuses

41.40% Just boring status updates

40.15% Constant selfies

30.20% Gushing about their babies/children

28.55% Cryptic digs at people

27.80% Pictures of food

26.70% Over-sharing/over-posting

21.5% Shares of offensive pictures/jokes

15% Pregnancy updates

14.5% Statuses urging to give to charity

13.05% Holiday bragging

8.75% Photos of pets

( Source -

We have become a drug to wanting to believe to others that we live the perfect life, which is one of the many reasons why I admit to not having the perfect one. I have a good life, but it is also filled with much sadness, another reason why I open up openly about my battle with Mental Health.

We all have fights we all are fighting but of course we won’t share this because of judgement, and that’s because we as a society the majority who use Facebook, use it as a tool as a simple record of a achievement, of only the good things, the accomplishments we have or may have achieved its quite simply, that’s simple.

And yet the other side is we often get many green eye, it sets in we choose to envy or worry that it can’t quite be true. Or we want to choose not to accept what we see hear as believe as truth.

Remember the simple matter is we all need to remember three things,

  • No one has the perfect life. We must just be ok with your life and your own choices.

  • Everyone wants you to see what they wish you to see.

  • We have to learn to accept that Facebook is here to stay and won’t be moving anytime soon the quicker we learn to realise this and accept it, the more we can take control of our social anxieties.

Until next month. Be good to others, play safe, and speak to each other should you need it. Always a message away should anyone need it.

James Hatton BSc(hons)


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