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Personalised supplementation - The brand new at-home nutrient test kits

According to research by Deloitte, as many as one in three consumers “want” personalised products, with 71 per cent prepared to pay a premium for tailored-to-them purchases.

The vitamin and mineral industry is no different, with a growing number of the population demanding bespoke formulations catering for their age, diet or lifestyle.

Renowned for its range of tailored nutritional supplements, pioneering health brand, BetterYou now unveils its range of at-home test kits comprising; a Vitamin B12 Test Kit, Iron Test Kit and new-look Vitamin D Test Kit.

Designed with convenience in-mind, the at-home health checks allow people to assess their requirements and make personal and educated choices when purchasing nutritional supplements from the brand’s best-selling oral spray range.

Each test provides detailed results along with a personal supplementation plan based upon levels recommended by Public Health England. Unique to the company, and testament to confidence in the effectiveness of its supplement range, any BetterYou customers found to be seriously deficient will also be offered a retest free of charge.

Vitamin B12

A key component in supporting the body’s ability to combat tiredness and fatigue, memory and mental agility, the symptoms of vitamin B12 can be broad, including; breathlessness, poor memory or mood change, peripheral nerve damage (a tendency to drop things is a sign) and a sore or inflamed tongue.

However, vitamin B12 can be difficult to obtain from the diet alone, especially for those following a predominantly plant-based lifestyle and because of the notorious difficulty to absorb the vitamin - and the vague nature of symptoms - a deficiency is often not discovered until it is looked for.

Whilst deficiency is most common amongst older generations – affecting around 1 in 10 people aged 75 or over and 1 in 20 people aged 65-74 according to the NHS – those suffering with malabsorption issues may also be at-risk as the body will be less able to absorb the nutrient from food sources.

Partnering with a leading UK laboratory, BetterYou has developed a brand-new, convenient at-home B12 Test Kit. The testing service requires customers to take a finger prick blood test, in which the sample is analysed by health optimisation company, Forth.


Accurately testing iron levels within the blood, BetterYou’s at-home Iron Test Kit requires a finger prick blood test. The blood sample is then tested by the team of trusted specialists at Forth.

Iron is a vital component of haemoglobin, the substance in our red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to transport it throughout the body. Essential for maintaining everyday energy levels, iron also supports the immune system and cognitive function.

Everyone needs iron to maintain their health and those acknowledged as at greater risk of deficiency include; individuals with malabsorption issues, pregnant women, women who have heavy periods, those following a vegan or vegetarian diet and athletes.

Vitamin D

Renowned vitamin D specialists, the team at BetterYou has also updated its vitamin D testing service with a brand-new look. An efficient and time-effective way to test levels of this vital nutrient from the comfort of your own home, this is a dry blood spot test, with the testing service provided by City Assays laboratory in collaboration with Sandwell and West Birmingham Trust.

These easy-to-use tests measure both vitamin D3 and D2, allowing for a ‘total’ vitamin D level to be determined.

Vitamin D is vital for a robust immune system; protecting against common coughs and colds as well as supporting with normal muscle function, maintaining healthy bones and teeth and aiding calcium absorption.

Public Health England recommends that everyone in the UK supplement vitamin D due to our lack of sun exposure and increasingly indoor lifestyles.

BetterYou’s range of test kits are available to purchase online now at