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Snap Happy

myFirst was created to bridge the gap in children's technology. Designed to reinvent the way the children learn by engaging in easy technology, it allows them to have fun whilst learning.

Now capture moments that last a lifetime with the myFirst Camera Insta 2. Unlike conventional instant printing cameras, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 uses thermal printing to create vivid and clear photos in under 10 seconds. Ideal for excitable and restless children who can’t wait to see the end result.

myFirst also allows children to take their masterpiece to the next level with a custom frame. They can choose from a wide variety of pre-loaded styles. It prints on thermal paper, or for added fun the choose the sticky thermal paper to make instant stickers that can go anywhere; books, water bottles, or bedroom walls.

For any aspiring photographers, there will be no problem getting your little happy because each roll allows 80 pictures to be printed. The Camera Insta 2 comes complete with 3 rolls of thermal paper, that’s 240 shots and 1 thermal sticker roll! With an inbuilt rechargeable it will last all day and charge in under 4 hours.

The 12 MP camera can also film 1920×1080 videos, which can be saved to a microSD card (up to 32GB). The camera even has a selfie camera above its 2.4'' bright IPS screen, myFirst Camera Insta 2 creates amazing selfies. Weighing just 235g it comes with a lanyard which ensures your child will never get tired of using the myFirst Camera Insta 2.

By encouraging children to pursue their hobbies, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 is ideal for capturing those precious family days out, or home-learning and shooting birds in the garden. The camera is built for the rough and tumble of child’s play and will last a lifetime.

In colours of pastel pink or blue the myFirst Camera Insta 2 is available to buy online for £93.50 from MyFirst.Tech