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Soft Strokes Silk

Where art meets Silk. There is no denying that silk is one of the luxurious materials on the market and when its turned into a fashion garment it can truly look stunning. The team at Soft Strokes Silk have asked the question, does it just have to be clothing? The answer of course is no and they've developed a fantastic range of silk products for all to enjoy.

The Canadian based brand has developed almost a 'one-stop-shop' for all things silk from offering a wide range of clothing, products for the home including cushion covers and table napkins and a luxurious silk bedding range.

The brand certainly has taken time to think about the styles for their products with them all showcasing tremendous designs. Like pieces of art each and everyone of them. I think it is key at this point to mention the brand also stocks products made not only from Silk but; Wool, cotton and linen, but boasting their incredible pieces of artwork. Shirts, Dresses, eye-masks, scrunchies and gowns are just some of the ranges which you can find under the clothing department of the brand.

Soft Strokes Silk, just has a luxury feeling all over it. from their beautiful designs to the quality of the materials they use. You can tell a lot of time and panning has gone into the landscape of the brand with them perfectly articulating the displays of the gift sets to the colours of their silk shirts, they've truly hit everything on the head when it comes to brand identity. They know who they are and their customers will love this too.

You can learn more about the brand and shop their full range of products over at now.