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Specialist Help Brands To Mix Old Marketing Techniques That Still Work Well

Tom Curle reveals tips on how he works in brand virilization.

Marketing isn't always easy. How do you stand out above the noisy crowd of digital ads? The older methods didn't stop working when digital became popular. However, popularity does not equal results. Why not try some of these older tactics or combine them with your digital approach? Since Tom Curle started this mix of techniques has not stopped.

Any entrepreneur who runs their own business recognizes the pains and delights that the experience provides. Difficulties arise sequentially, but with a little persistence, everything gets back on track. That's why it's so important to study the area, understand the personas that will be interested in your product or service and execute the planning in the best possible way. Marketing expert Tom Curle has put together important tips to make your business go viral.

Since starting a business, Tom has been especially dedicated to making brands go viral and his name has grown in the UK. Smart and astute, he combined skills in the field with the ability to help brands go “viral” using the old marketing strategies and bringing a little more innovation. This is the recipe for its success, it is what makes so many clients seek results with the specialist in the area. See the tips:

● It is very important to build a relationship with your customers, publicize the brand, prospect it and make those who consume them perceive their authority in the market. Build your brand credibility.

● Product Marketing: Think about the launch, image positioning, and train your team. Develop and understand the consumer profile.

● Guerrilla Marketing: It is used when the company seeks to promote products or services with a less conventional approach. It usually connects with the consumer's emotion. Your intention is to expand your reach while spending little money.

● Viral Marketing: Explores the connection between people, spreading and viralizing your idea. The technique is considered cheaper compared to traditional actions. Even because the media used is the target audience itself.

The secret is to get infected. Contrary to common belief, viral content is very scientific and not a fluke. The reason it is traditionally thought to be created through paranormal intervention is because of the seemingly limitless number of factors that influence its success. Viral content must carry emotion, clarity, risk, specificity, and motive, among many other qualities. It must speak to humanity and validate an unspoken belief that most of your audience holds.

It is worth remembering that Tom Curle helped in the growth of “Pretty Little Thing”, Umar Kamani’s company, and also the brand “boohoo” and learned a lot in the time they were together, the success and numbers that the brand has today is also the result of his intense work.

One of the many companies that Tom owns is 'The Manchester Screen ' - this is one of the biggest digital screens in Europe that is in high demand among many entrepreneurs to advertise their brand. The Manchester’s most iconic and unmissable location. The iconic Manchester Screen overlooks a major traffic junction targeting commuters, public transport users and visitors to Manchester City Centre, Salford Quays, and Media City, all of which will pass this huge unmissable advertising site.

The Manchester screen is almost a guarantee for a brand to go viral. It has become a trending place for a selfie or that special social media photo. Influencers and celebrities are regularly seen posing in front of this billboard.

Marcus Rashford, Molly Mae, Jesse Lingard, Steven Bartlet, Dr Alex George, Adam Thomas, Gok Wang, Aitch, Kyle Walker, Love Island Cast, business owners all posted in front of the Billboard.

According to Curle, you need to look for what you like, delve into the subject, and have a solid knowledge of the area in which you are going to undertake. Whatever industry you are in, you must spread your wings to grow.