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Spinnaker – Fleuss Automatic Pearl Diver Limited Edition

Spinnaker Watches are delighted to introduce the Fleuss Automatic Pearl Diver Limited Edition. Inspired by the pioneering diving engineer and master diver, Henry Fleuss, the watch emulates early dive watches with a sleek profile, sapphire lens and glass topped luminous bezel. The new additions to the Spinnaker Fleuss collection feature stunning mother of pearl dials, made using only the highest quality mother of pearl reserved for Swiss brands manufacturing at the highest levels. The dials are the result of hours of work, care and precision to carve, slice and etch from pearl oysters.

Fleuss invented the rebreather, now widely known as a Scuba, which supplied Oxygen to divers allowing them to discover depths that were previously not accessible. Fleuss’ invention changed the world of diving forever as he created the original technology which is now used by divers worldwide. The mother of pearl dial is a nod to Fleuss’ pioneering work that allowed divers’ to advance their understanding of underwater species.

There are three colourways available, each limited to 450 pieces. Available at, £390.


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