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Stand Out For Promotion By Taking These Three Steps

There comes a point in everyone’s career when they start to think more about where they want to be. A lot written in the press about the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. Many people have decided that they would rather look for greener pastures elsewhere. But if you like where you work and want to take on more responsibility and challenges, it can be tricky to know how to stand out. Here are a few things that you can do.

Talk To Your Line Manager

The first and easiest thing to do is to make it clear to the people you work with that you are looking to take that next step. With things the way they are in the market right now, many companies may welcome the chance to promote from within instead of bringing on a new employee. They may be able to advise you on where you could develop your skillset and what opportunities there may be in the future. At the very least, talking to your line manager will help you to get a better lay of the land and allow you to start thinking about other options if the answer is a firm “no.”

Learn New Skills

Moving up in a business is rarely as easy as logging a certain number of years and expecting more responsibility. The landscape is changing rapidly, and new technology is emerging at an incredible rate. But it is about more than just ensuring that you have a handle on what Google is looking for regarding SEO. If you want to take on more in your business, consider what skills you need to develop. Great negotiation skills have always been crucial in business, but as the market becomes more competitive, it will be more important than ever. So why not invest in a negotiation skills course? This can teach you everything from how subconscious bias and body language play a major part to how you can manage conflict during potentially difficult scenarios.

Be Positive And Professional

While there are many ways to push yourself for promotion, one of the most important is by conducting yourself in a way that demonstrates that you are the kind of employee your bosses can count on. Things as simple as showing up to work on time and having a positive attitude go a long way. If you work in an office, maintaining a professional appearance might make you stand out more than you realise. If you work from home, as a lot of people do, try to maintain an active presence in the work chats. Volunteering for new assignments will show your managers that you are looking to be a part of the team, especially if they are jobs that most people will try to duck out of. And if you know someone at your company who has taken a route similar to the one you are thinking about, do not be shy about asking for advice.

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