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STOUT-STANDING! New ‘Guinness Cooking Paste’ lands on Tesco shelves in time for Autumn

As we enter the season of steaming hot-pots and gravy rich pies, The Flava People have teamed up with Guinness to create the perfect ingredient to give your cosy comfort food a little oomph this Autumn/Winter.

Introducing ‘Guinness Cooking Paste’, the perfect blend of Guinness, honey and soy, designed to be the ‘secret ingredient’ to bring your favourite meals to life.

Developed with the expertise of the team at Guinness, this paste balances the iconic beers’ smoky rich stout flavour with the sweetness and tang of honey and soy.

Found nestled in the herbs and spices aisle in Tesco, it’s the perfect cheat for creating a wow dish with premium flavours using just one simple add-on ingredient.

The Guinness Cooking Paste is ideal for foodies looking to experiment with their home cooking or beginner cooks wanting to level-up the basics; it’s a cupboard staple that is hassle-free and provides a delicious base ingredient with ‘oomph’ when preparing meals from scratch.

The product comes in a fully recyclable glass jar (200g) and will be listed in 850 Tesco stores from 21th September, RRP £3.00. Look out for offers this Autumn! Shoppers can save 50p per jar from 13th October for two weeks (discounted price: £2.50).

This versatile paste is suitable for vegetarians and can be used as a stir-in or as a rub for a variety of different meals. How can you use this paste to make your home-cooking pack a punch this Winter?

Stir it…

Playing it safe: Stir it into your favourite casserole, pie or stew recipes for a next level depth and richness. Or simply make your Sunday roast pop by adding to your homemade gravy for a sweet oomph in flavour.

Dial up the daring: Stir a table teaspoon of the paste into your spaghetti Bolognese or lasagne, to give your Italian food a touch of the Irish.

Brush it…

Playing it safe: Brush your steak or ribs for an extra punch of malty flavour by coating the meat before cooking.

Dial up the daring: Get experimental and recreate ‘beer-can chicken’ flavour. Brush the skin of your roast chicken at the final stages of cooking for a rich and crispy way to liven up the meat.

Add it…

Playing it safe: Maximise the sticky honey and soy texture of the paste by adding to pulled pork or roast vegetables for a smoky beer finish.

Dial up the daring: When hand-making burgers, pack the centre with a mouth-watering melt-in-the-middle Guinness Cooking paste surprise for a decadent sweet tang. Feeling extra adventurous? Add a dollop to your brownie mix, you might be surprised!


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