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Suits for under £300

With Christmas just 14 week's away many will be heading out looking for that perfect suit, whether it be for the office party, a family dinner or a winter wedding at some point you'll have to 'Suit Up'. So we've picked 4 suits you can get under £300.

The first suit comes from Marc Darcy. Very reasonably priced at £207.97 (3 Piece) or £158.98 (2 Piece).

The Jacket: Blake Tweed Herringbone Check Suit Jacket in Tan.

The Waistcoat: Blake Tweed Herringbone Check Suit Double Breasted Waistcoat in Tan.

The Trousers: Ted Tweed Herringbone Check Suit Trousers in Tan.

You can check it out online at

Hinton Rating 4.2/5

The Second Suit comes from next. This one is very good value for money at just £208 for the full look. Jacket, trousers, tie, braces, waistcoat and shoes.

The Jacket: Maroon, Skinny Fit

The Waistcoat: Maroon,

The Trousers: Maroon, Skinny fit.

Tie: Textured Tie With Tie Clip

Braces: Burgundy Herringbone

Shoes: Modern Heritage Derby

You can check it out online at

Hinton Rating 4/5

The third suit is from Moss Bros. This is one of my favorites from this collection. The modern look can be yours for just £188. One of the best things about this one, its fun. It's not just your regular 9/5 suit it lets you show more of your personality.

The Jacket: Skinny fit, Ink

The Waistcoat: Skinny Fit Ink, Single Breasted Waistcoat ink.

The Trousers: Skinny Fit Ink

You can check it out online at

Hinton Rating 5/5

The final one we have hand picked is from DKNY. This classic looking men's black suit, boast professionalism as well as maturity. This is a suit that will be timeless. Costing £299.

The Jacket: Contempary Slim Fit cut in an easy to wear Black fabric.

The Waistcoat (extra cost of £80) : Single Breasted 5 buttons black.

The Trousers: Slim Fit Black

You can check it out online at

Let us know your thoughts.