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That Gorilla brand

With new brand popping up on a weekly basis it's hard for some to stand out from the rest,so its important for brand to give themselves a reason to stand out. One way in particular is a strong ethic behind the brand. More and more people are turning to buying from brands that ethically sources their materials and that have a positive impact to our planet. One brand that has adopted this ethos is 'That Gorilla brand'.

Launching two years ago in 2018 the team behind 'That Gorilla Brand', started with one mission, 'To create something bigger than a fashion brand. Something beautiful, raw and uncompromising. Something that commits to making a positive impact on the world'. If you look at the way consumers are spending, brands with an ethos like this are gaining more and more traction. With this mission in mind the brand say their thoughts went immediately to the Gorilla. Describing the primates as, 'Fascinating, gentle and quietly charismatic creature', with the brand believing these traits represents the three guiding values at the heart of everything they do; strength, love and loyalty. From this they decided not to only name the brand after the animal but to also support The Gorilla Organisation. This is a charity that works tirelessly to protect this great ape and its habitat. The brand shows their support to the brand by donating €2 from every item they sell. The brand even go one further in supporting the charity by selecting one product from their women's, men's and kids collections each season where 100% of the profits goes to the charity.

The brand boasts a wide range in women's, men's and kids wear. From tee and polo's for men to hoodies and bikinis for women plus much more! The pieces show clean designs featuring reference to the brand or gorillas. Talking about their garments the brand said,'That Gorilla Brand embraces these principles in a unique clothing collection that always values quality and design over profit, and never forgets the importance of giving back'. Showing they are thinking of their customer value and comfort ahead of making a profit... but then remember when purchasing from this brand your also helping the Gorillas!

The team believe this is more than just a brand, with an aim to use the brands platform to get their message across.

Strength: We will use our platform to support creativity and lift up the voices of our community with our powerful designs.

Love: We are driven by love and we love what we do. That Gorilla Brand is inclusive: For anyone, everyone, everywhere, always.

Loyalty: Loyalty is at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we stay loyal to our customers by always putting quality above profit, but we show our loyalty to the gorilla, our inspiration.

You can shop the full collection and support the Gorillas by heading over to