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The Taste of Pour Over Perfection with Melitta’s new epour

Preparation of great tasting, pour over filter coffee has never been easier than with Melitta’s NEW epour. As if brewed by hand but at the push of a button, the detail is certainly in the brewing process.

The epour, with its modern touch panel, includes key features such as an open filter allowing you to experience the brewing process with all your senses. The water spout, which rotates 360° and changes the direction and water flow depending on the brewing profile, ensures the coffee is optimally and quickly dampened as if by hand. What’s more, the pre-brew function gives the coffee time for ideal blooming, so its full-bodied aroma can fully develop.

The simple touch panel also allows customising your pour over preference with

ease. Whether it’s a large cup or a small cup (choose between 2-8 cups), the different brewing profiles ensure ideal coffee results for both large and small brewing quantities. As a result, the coffee is optimally extracted with every preparation quantity. There’s even a Barista Mode for programming an individual brewing profile.

What’s more, the epour reaches the optimum extraction temperature of 92°C to 96°C in a very short period of time whilst maintaining it for the entire duration of the brewing process. The powerful (and award winning) heating element also guarantees rapid delivery of hot water into the filter whilst the built-in hotplate allows the freshly brewed coffee to stay warm for up to 40 minutes. 

Complete with a dishwasher safe glass jug and removable water tank, the epour even lets you know when it’s time to descale.

To guarantee the quality taste of your Pour Over coffee, Melitta’s® unique paper structure, with its looser weave fibres, has been designed specifically for epour filter holders. This particularly permeable paper structure allows for an even filtration and shorter brew time. Slow pouring provides a strong cup of coffee, whereas faster pouring results in a milder cup – allowing you to be in control of your preferred pour when brewing automatically.

The Melitta® epour® is available in two colour versions: Matt Back & Gold

AND Matt Black & Chrome via RRP: £199.00


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