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Top Ten Tech & Gadgets

DB140 World’s Loudest Bike £29.99 from The patented Hornit dB140 puts the cyclist in control of their own safety with a cycle horn that rivals a jet engine. It emits a piercing 140 decibel sound. Loud enough for lorries and cars notice your presence.

NASA RC Mars Opportunity Rover £39.99 from Re-create the excitement of NASA's exciting mission to Mars with our remote-control model the Mars Rover. Set your smartphone into the bracket and record your own exploration missions. The Rover's innovative wheel tracks even enable it to move forward, backward, and sideways.

Live Streaming Kit £26 from Make live streaming or vlogging a real breeze. This kit includes a 2-in-1 universal phone holder and USB-powered LED light with 3 brightness settings that easily clamps onto a table.

Clug Pro £25.99 from Keep your bike safe and secure during storage. Beautifully functional storage available in 5 sizes fit tyres from 23-81mm. super lightweight and strong enough to hold 30kg.

The Perfect Phone Stand £10 from With a self-standing ergonomic design makes it comfortable & relaxing when using mobile phones & tablets and is adjustable.

Rugd Power Brick £69.99 from Rugdlife Waterproof, compact and great for outdoor use, this powerbank can charge two devices simultaneously and up to 4 times! Perfect for camping, hiking, photography trips, and lots more. Includes an SOS/Nightlight.

Retro Pocket Games £14.99 from With over 100 hundred amazing 8-bit games, you'll be guaranteed to find some old-school favourites to play. Providing endless fun, the pocket-sized handheld console is ready to go in an instant. With a 1.8" colour screen, it's great to play on and make fellow commuters and friends equally jealous.

Vlogging Starter Kit £44.99 from A compact and lightweight set-up that provides flexibility to those who want to reach a new standard with the videos they create. Easily capture quality sound using the shotgun microphone provided and ensure you're perfectly lit and looking your best with the integrated 6500k LED light.

Original Stormtrooper Neon Light £18.99 from IWOOT Set the right vibe in any room with this striking Original Stormtrooper Neon Tube Light. Powered by a modern-day USB charger, you can connect this original design lamp to any charging outlet and position it wherever you want.

Wireless Charging Pad £19.99 from The Swipe by Thumbs Up! 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect desk companion to charge your smartphone throughout the day. Using the Micro-USB Cable, simply connect the Swipe wireless charging pad to a power source and place your smartphone on top of it to charge. Compatible with all the latest devices.

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